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Why haven’t you purchased a life insurance plan yet?

Could it be that you don’t think you need it? Or perhaps you are unsure how this coverage works?

When you speak with a Licensed Health and Life Insurance Agent at Every Choice Health Insurance, you will be educated on what coverage includes and why you would purchase a life policy sooner than later.

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Dispelling Myths about Life Insurance

The following list offers a brief selection of common reasons you might avoid buying life insurance.


#1. Too Expensive

A 2015 LIMRA and LIFE Foundation Study of Insurance found that 80% of those surveyed didn’t carry life insurance or purchase coverage yet because they thought it was too expensive, yet overestimated the cost by more than double.

Life insurance is one of the more affordable coverage types. If you apply when you’re young, you lock in a nice, low premium rate and your policy can build value over time. If you start shopping for life insurance later in life, you may miss out on affordable premiums for a larger benefit. Choose a policy within your budget to start at least, and consider increasing your benefit amount or applying for additional coverage later.


#2. Single or Married and Childless

Even if you’re single or married without children, you could use a life insurance benefit to help your loved ones pay off your debts such as outstanding student loans and medical bills leftover when you die. When you plan early, you can protect your family and/or friends you leave behind from a financial burden.


#3. No Income

If you’re a stay-at home parent and do not earn an income, life insurance can still help your loved ones as you provide valuable services that they would need to obtain outside of the home once you pass away. Activities such as child care, transportation, meal preparation and maintaining your home can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. Life insurance could help you cover some of these expenses.


#4. Beneficiaries Paying Income Tax

Direct from the U.S. government: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) states that life insurance proceeds paid to you because of the death of the insured are not taxable unless the policy was turned over to you for a price.


#5. Stuck in the Same Policy… For Life

You may think that it’s hard to change policies or determine your needs at the time you apply, then you get stuck with a policy forever. Actually, with certain term life plans, it may be possible to convert the policy to whole life or permanent life. The best course of action is to speak with your insurance agent. These types of term life insurance products must be converted within a certain time frame, so if you’re thinking that you may want to change from term to whole or permanent, ask your agent when you apply first. Your premiums may increase when you convert, and you’ll want to make sure you receive full transparency about benefits and costs.


Every Choice Term Life Insurance

Every Choice Health Insurance offers coverage through the best life insurance carriers and is always on the lookout for additional coverage options to suit the diverse needs of our clients.

Foresters Financial is a recent addition to our catalog, offering the below comparison of Term Life rates and coverage ranked against competitors. We also highly recommend American General (AIG), UnitedHealthcare, Fiver Star and Fidelity.

Need to run some numbers before you get back to us? Look no further than the Life Happens online Life Insurance Calculator.

Non-Medically Underwritten Life Insurance Rates for $100K Policy:

Foresters vs. Other Life Insurers

Foresters Financial offers the option of non medically underwritten policies to help you secure coverage faster, easier, and more affordably.  Medically underwritten plans are also available. The chart below illustrates premium rates for the Foresters non-medical Life Insurance product at 10, 20, and 30 year terms, ranked against similar products from competing carriers like American National and Transamerica.


Term Life Product Brochures

Foresters Financial Your Term Life Insurance

5Star Family Protection Life Insurance

UnitedHealthcare Term Life SafeGuard

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