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When choosing a health plan, you can read all of the company bios and industry certifications you like, and still not get a strong grasp on which carrier to choose over another. All of the individual health insurance companies we offer in Louisiana are the highest ranking and most trusted in the state, though among the selection, which are best suited to provide you with coverage? At times, the lowest quoted premium and your budget may decide for you, but before you anchor yourself in a 12-month commitment, we suggest taking a look at the most recent consumer information reported by the reputable organization J.D. Power and Associates.

Our agents are also a font of inside knowledge on the Louisiana health insurance market, and can provide direction for anyone who wants to investigate the plans in more detail. Call us at 888 803 5917 to get a better idea of the plans in your state and their products from a professional perspective.


Louisiana Health Plan Rankings

The perspective of policyholders is reflected by the J.D. Power and Associates annual Member Health Plan Study, which included 2,235 plan members throughout the East South Central region (of 17 total surveyed regions) of the country  including Louisiana, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. In this survey, plan members rate seven different aspects of their health plans to measure satisfaction including information and communication, statements, claims processing, coverage and benefits, provider choice, customer service, and approval processes. For the year, those surveyed in the region averaged at 708 for overall satisfaction across all plans. The areas with the most growth were statements, claims processing, and information and communication.

In the East South Central region, members were among the most satisfied in the nation, as the 17-region average was 702.¬† Louisiana has three of its five major carriers in the rankings. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, not surprisingly, performed the best. As the second best plan in the five-state area, the insurer received an overall rating of 726 points on a 1,000 point scale and proved their worth in the factors evaluated for a second year. Their members prompted the highest consumer rating from J.D. Power, who simplifies the results by deeming Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana one of the top selections – “among the best.” The company was especially strong in approval processes, claims, statements, providing accurate and adequate information, and clearly communicating their products.

Humana also did well in the area, which is a positive note for Louisiana, as their premiums have proved the lowest in our city- and region-wide quote studies for multiple demographics. Receiving 711 points, Humana was noted especially by plan members for their coverage and benefit selection. J.D. Power and Associates gave them a rating of “better than most,” and their ranking hovers above the regional average.

UnitedHealthcare remains at the bottom of the list for a second year, as we have seen in other regions, with a modest 664 points. UnitedHealthOne as an individual carrier is almost exactly like Humana in terms of plan design, but in this geographical area, they seem to fall short in areas where Humana is strong. However, UnitedHealthcare was the best plan in Ohio this year, so it truly depends on location.


Best of Louisiana Coverage in 2013

1. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana: 726 points, J.D. Power Circle Rating of 5 (Among the best)

2. Humana: 711 points, J.D. Power Circle Rating of 3 (Above average)

3. UnitedHealthCare: 664 points, J.D. Power Circle Rating of 2 (The rest)