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LaMOMS is the Medicaid program designed for expectant mothers in Louisiana whose income does not allow them the ability to buy health insurance, and who do not have access to any other source of it. Though temporary, the maternity services offered through Medicaid give women the opportunity to have a free-of-charge, healthy pregnancy and delivery with proper follow-up. Coverage lasts for up to 60 days after your baby has been born and starts as soon as you find out you are pregnant. There is no Presumptive Eligibility program in Louisiana, which means women should apply as soon as possible when discovering their pregnancy as benefits will not start until your Medicaid application is approved.

All pregnancy-related services are paid for Medicaid when you are a member of LaMOMS. While it is not full Medicaid, women do have the ability to enroll their infant in Medicaid or LaCHIP (depending on income) upon their delivery. The newborn’s coverage will begin the day they are born and last 12 months with access to all Medicaid physician, preventive, and hospital services. You do not have to enroll in a health plan, simply look for Medicaid providers and other health care professionals who accept LaMOMS coverage throughout the state. You can search for providers near you by calling 877-455-9955 or searching the DHHS directory.



LaMOMS Eligibility

Women who qualify for the LaMOMS program must obviously be pregnant, which has to be proven by a physician. The program is open to Louisiana residents who are legal citizens, are uninsured, or do not have access to maternity coverage through their health plan. You can have medical insurance and still qualify for LaMOMS – your insurer will pay first, and Medicaid will cover any remaining costs. Income is determined by household size, and a pregnant woman is counted as two family members.

Family of 2: $2,522 monthly

Family of 3: $3,182 monthly

Family of 4: $3,842 monthly

Family of 5: $4,501 monthly

Family of 6: $5,162 monthly

Family of 7: $5,822 monthly

Family of 8: $6,482 monthly

Add $660 for each additional member in households over 8 persons.


LaMOMS Benefits

LaMOMS covers all approved prenatal services, labor and delivery, and postnatal care for up to 60 days after giving birth. Services include office visits, lab work, exams, prescriptions related to pregnancy, and care during your hospital stay. Women who have a certain level of income are eligible for full Medicaid are offered limited dental services in addition to the wide range of other benefits included in a standard plan. This only applies to the small percentage of women who are eligible as parents with income at or below 11 percent for unemployed members and 25 percent for working members.

Once enrolled, all benefits are covered in full by Medicaid, giving women maternity care for free. Services are available through any Medicaid provider, which can be located here, or by calling 877-455-9955.


How to Apply

If you are pregnant and want to apply for LaMOMS, you have several ways to do so, but the quickest and most recommended approach is through the DHHS website. Go to the Louisiana Medicaid Online Application Center to fill out a form and receive the most rapid response. This way, you can have access to coverage for you and your baby sooner than the delay of mail correspondence. You can also complete a paper application and fax, or mail it, to your local Medicaid office.

Paper Applications

LaMOMS ApplicationLaMOMS Application – Spanish
LaMOMS Application – Vietnamese




Apply Online

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