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Public Assistance

The United States has millions of people in poverty, which isn’t decreasing any time in the near future. Louisiana alone has nearly 842,000 residents living below poverty level, which is more than 18 percent of the state population. Plenty of residents are trying to make ends meet above minimum wage and still cannot budget a health insurance plan. Individuals affected by the high cost of health care and coverage should not resign to an absence of health in their lives. There are options for people living in Louisiana who are unable to pay for doctor visits and medical coverage allowing them to get what they need.

Partially funded by the government, hence being a public health program, several types of care are available through the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals. Other medical services are offered through nonprofit organizations in the state who manage rural health clinics providing care to those with or without insurance. Medicaid programs have been helping the people of Louisiana for many years, and continue to do so for those with a low income or disabilities. Providing comprehensive coverage on a myriad of services, public plans offer more than private ones do in some cases.

For individuals who intended to pay for health insurance until they were rejected or quoted an obscenely high premium, there is the Louisiana Health Plan. This is the state high risk pool to insure the uninsurable and give a full array of benefits for a fair cost to eligible applicants. They now also offer a federal plan in addition to their state plan.

Regardless of the reason you find it difficult to obtain health insurance or affordable medical care, there are resources to use through the state to help. Find the program that fits your needs, and get yourself insured as soon as possible. No resident of Louisiana should be deprived of a healthy lifestyle and the protection of insurance and care. For help locating a program or resources that meet your needs, contact your local health department, or call us at 888 803 5917.