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UnitedHealthOne is one of the nation’s largest individual health insurers, with medical plans offered in 33 states, and a nationwide network connected to UnitedHealthcare. A subsidiary of the UnitedHealthcare company, Golden Rule Insurance Company underwrites and manages all UnitedHealthOne products. Golden Rule has been selling individual and family benefits for over 65 years, and they offer a variety of products other than medical insurance, including short term coverage, dental, vision, critical illness, supplemental accident, and term life. Rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best and “A+” (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s, Golden Rule has shown their ability to create a lasting health plan on the individual market.

The UnitedHealthcare network is filled with provider selection opportunity, as there are nearly 754,000 doctors and 5,400 hospitals contracted with them nationally. Network providers offer discounts of up to 50 percent to plan members, giving a great advantage of choosing in-network care. Across all states, UnitedHealthOne plans remain consistent, providing their Copay Select, high deductible, and HSA options. Louisiana also has access to each of these, giving members the ability to choose plans based on whether safety, taxes, or premiums are the main priority. Optional benefits are also offered for Louisiana residents.



UnitedHealthOne Plans in Louisiana


Copay Select Plans

Ideal for the greatest level of protection from overspending on medical care, Copay Select plans offer Louisianians the most coverage for fixed rates. A lower out-of-pocket cost brings peace of mind when it comes to obtaining services, with copays for unlimited doctor’s office visits. Physician and specialist visits are $35, with an optional benefit to have a $25 copay. Coinsurance options are 0, 20, or 30 percent after deductible, giving you the ability to choose which works best for you. With all services covered, members have access to prescriptions, hospital care, and other health needs.


High Deductible Plans

Saving you more money on monthly premiums, these plans provide a high level of coverage for 20 percent coinsurance or no cost after your deductible is met. Find a deductible and cost range that you can afford with Plan 100, Plan 80, or Saver 80, each with slightly different coverage options. Saver 80 plans are the least expensive and include less benefits, such as prescriptions and office visits. Other plans give members responsibility for out-of-pocket costs on all types of care until your limit is reached.


Health Savings Account Plans

If you are interested in making your health investment a financial one, an HSA may be a good choice. These plans offer high deductible coverage, paired with an account federally qualified to receive tax deductions and allow tax-free spending. Using your account, you can pay for services to meet your deductible, and receive 70 or 100 percent coverage after it is met. Another advantage of HSA plans are the exceptionally low premiums, making it easy to pay for your coverage and continue funding your HSA.


UnitedHealthOne Louisiana Brochure


View rates and find out more about UnitedHealthOne coverage in your area by getting a quote online, or from a licensed agent standing by for a personalized consulation at 888 803 5917.