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Humana – Louisiana

With 50 years of health care experience and 30 years of selling health insurance, Humana, Inc. is one of the most respected insurers in the nation. As a benefits administrator, they offer plans to various markets in a 30-state coverage area. Their national network consists of approximately 544,000 physicians and other health care providers, 4,000 hospitals, and nearly 60,000 pharmacies. Beginning as all insurers, with two owners/employees, the company got its start in Louisville, Kentucky building nursing homes, and ultimately hospitals. Once they began providing their hospitals with a prepaid service, it was time to branch into a health insurance product available nationwide. Currently, Humana is one of the foremost insurers, offering great coverage and providers.

Humana One plans for individuals and families are organized similarly from state to state. There are always copay plans, high deductibles, and HSAs with a Preferred Provider network to offer better rates through Humana doctors and facilities. Members also have the ability to choose out-of-network providers and still receive coverage. A few Humana One perks include the discounts on certain products and services like massage therapy and OTC medications with your membership. Many services are covered, and add-on plans are available to cover dental benefits and accidents.



Humana One Plans in Louisiana


Copay Plans

These plans give members the ability to choose their level of benefits and coinsurance while providing copays for necessary services in every option. While certain plans cover an unlimited number of office visits for a copay, you can also select a plan with less visits for a reduced premium. All plans include generic prescriptions and urgent care for a copay, and preventive care services at no cost. Coinsurance is either 20 or 30 percent for hospital services and other types of medical care with a Humana One copay plan. Enjoy the freedom and predictability of service costs you already know.

Humana Louisiana Enhanced Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Louisiana Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Louisiana Copay 70 Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

Bring your premiums down to a minimum with a high deductible plan, and select an option for greater cost savings or tax benefits. Each of these options gives members the responsibility of cost sharing until the deductible is met, then covers everything in full. Physician visits, diagnostic labs, surgery, inpatient stays and more, all included for free once you have reached your annual deductible. Deductibles range from $1,500 to 7,500 in Louisiana, offering a broad selection of choices. Pairing your plan with an HSA can be a great investment for those who like to manage their health care finances closely.

Humana Louisiana Value 100 Benefits

Humana Louisiana Enhanced HSA 100 Benefits

Humana Louisiana HSA 100 Benefits


To view rates for Humana One plans in your area, get a customized instant quote. Consult our Humana plan experts by calling a licensed agent at 888 803 5917.