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Celtic – Louisiana

Established as Celtic Group, Inc. in 1978,  what eventually became Celtic Insurance Company was a Chicago holding company that opened a life and health insurance sector, and began to sell plans by 1980. After purchasing a health insurer with liberal licensing and access to almost 50 states-worth of membership, Celtic took over and became widely available. Their products are sold in 32 states currently, but they are dedicated to selling plans in the individual and family market alone. As part of a larger organization, Centene Corporation, Celtic is backed by a strong national company who offers an array of insurance products.

Celtic offers their Select Product Portfolio to Louisiana individuals and families, with different plans designed for value, comprehensive care, and use with a spending account. All Select plans come with the ability to participate in the Healthy Lifestyle Program, which covers up to 25 percent of costs for completing wellness goals through fitness, smoking cessation, and weight loss for up to $300 per year per member. An annual vision exam is also included with other eye care services for all Celtic members in Louisiana.



Celtic Select Plans in Louisiana

Celtic Louisiana Select Portfolio Brochure

Celtic Basic

Two upfront visits (primary care and specialist combined) are covered per year for a copay, and generic prescriptions are also available for a $10 copay. Hospital services are covered for an additional deductible when seeking emergency care, outpatient surgery, or an inpatient stay, and out-of-network care is covered at 50 percent coinsurance. After meeting the deductible, physician services are covered at 70 percent by your plan.


CeltiCare Preferred Select

Celtic’s most comprehensive plan, Preferred Select covers four office visits for a $25 copay per year, and covers remaining visits at 70 or 80 percent after deductible. More services are available through these plans, such as chiropractic and mental health care, on top of surgical and hospital services at coinsurance. Generic prescriptions cost $5 at any time, and a separate deductible covers brand names. With a higher premium, you have access to many more services.


CelticSaver HSA

A high deductible plan with the ability to open a health savings account, these offer lower premiums in exchange for higher cost sharing. When the deductible is met, you have access to any service at 20 percent coinsurance, from physician care to pharmacy to hospitalization. Preventive care is offered at no cost and not subject to the deductible, and you can use your wellness benefits to stay healthy year-round. Open an HSA to receive tax advantages by paying with tax-free funds for medical costs.


Compare Celtic plans with premiums personalized for you and your family with a free, quick quote. To speak with an agent regarding these and other Louisiana plans, call 888 803 5917.