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Louisiana is home to several national health insurance carriers, with coverage distributed evenly between five companies. Most of these companies offer the same plans in nearly every part of the state, their individual and family PPOs allowing the flexibility and freedom of provider choice. Some networks are larger than others, but overall, you can find a quality health plan no matter where you live. Find out more about each health insurance provider available in your state by clicking on the links below, with plan summaries, brochures, and a bit of background to get a better feel for your options.

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Health Insurance in Louisiana

The insurer with the most local roots, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana (BCBSLA) is the only regional carrier, the largest, and the oldest in the state. Started in 1934, BCBSLA has been the state’s premier source of group and individual coverage, and as an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, they have the widest regional and national networks. The only not-for-profit health benefits administrator in Louisiana, BCBSLA gives back to the community by providing residents with coverage, care, and wellness programs.


Celtic Insurance Company provides nationwide coverage to individuals and families with a limited number of PPO plans. In business for over 30 years, Celtic offers a decent product, though nothing exceptional. The company has a B++ (Good) rating with A.M. Best to signify their financial strength and moderate membership base, and their health plans offer low premiums in certain demographics. Though not the top choice in most cases, they do have a national network of providers and incentive programs for healthy living.


Coventry Health Care of Louisiana covers the majority of Louisiana parishes, with the exception of the southwestern corner. As one of the largest and most successful national carriers, Coventry has a network of more than 580,000 doctors and 4,700 hospitals, and an A.M. Best rating of A- (Excellent). Coventry One is their individual and family line of products, available in 25 states and tailored differently to each one. Their individual PPOs come in a wide range of options to combine deductible and coinsurance amounts to fit your needs.



Established in 1983 as a health insurance company, Humana Inc. offers a variety of health plans to the broad span of American consumers including employers, individuals, families, military members, and seniors. With its start in the South over 50 years ago, Humana has become a national carrier with millions enrolled each year. Recipient of many awards for their effective business practices, and accredited by the NCQA as Commendable, Humana offers a standard selection of PPOs to Louisiana residents.


Underwritten and operated by Golden Rule Insurance Company, UnitedHealthOne represents the UnitedHealthcare family of products for the individual market. Many years of experience are behind both UnitedHealthcare and its subsidiary Golden Rule, and connected to one of the country’s largest networks, members have vast provider options. Offering similar plans to Humana One, UnitedHealthOne provides a stock variety of copay, deductible, and HSA plans in Louisiana.