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Shreveport-Bossier Health Insurance

Shreveport is located on the Red River in the northwest corner of the state near the borders of Texas and Arkansas, giving the area the nickname “Ark-La-Tex.” Across the river, Bossier City is connected by bridge and make the two rather close neighbors. As the river is the main point of interest, there are many riverside and river-based tourist attractions, including casinos and the Louisiana Boardwalk. Preserving its deep historical roots in museums and architecture, Shreveport-Bossier offers a variety of educational and entertainment opportunities in a mix of modern and former cultural elements. With various events throughout the year, and a local farmer’s market, the communities of both cities can convene over many enjoyable and healthy activities.

Individuals living in Shreveport-Bossier have access to every insurer in the state. Between Coventry, UnitedHealthOne, Humana, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, and Celtic, there are both HMO and PPO networks to choose from on either side of the river. As the third largest city in the state, Blue Cross also provides their HMO Louisiana plans in Shreveport, with the ability to use non-network doctors as well. A different geographical region also brings a varying set of rates, with slightly lower overall premiums than Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Shreveport health plans tend to be most affordable from Coventry One, with several POS Copay options to manage a low monthly rate. Otherwise, Humana is the best choice for comprehensive coverage, as indicated below in our sample quote.



Sample Shreveport Health Insurance Quote

After running a quote for a 42-year-old male living in zip code 71101, the clear winner for well-priced comprehensive coverage throughout Louisiana is Humana One. Their Enhanced Copay 80 plan is $208 per month for this resident, covering generic prescriptions and office visits for predictable rates within the Humana network. After deductible, hospital services and remaining benefits are covered at 80 percent. The next most affordable plan with worthwhile coverage is Blue Max PPO from Blue Cross Blue Shield, though it offers higher coinsurance after deductible at 70/30. This plan is much more affordable than their POS coverage, though this resident could do away with a deductible for $337 per month and have all care available for a copay.

Humana and Blue Cross are certainly the best deals in the $2500 range, and will save the most on premiums. Coventry One also offers a benefit-rich $2500 plan, reaching a midpoint between the benefits of the zero deductible POS plan and a comprehensive PPO. Urgent care visits and chiropractic care are covered on top of the regular office visits, and emergency services are covered for a $200 copay. There is also no prescription deductible. This plan is much more ideal in terms of benefits than the lesser priced ones, but it is up to the applicant to decide whether they will need those benefits or would rather save $70 per month.

In this case, Humana is the best option for cost, and Coventry for benefits. Blue Cross is a better choice for provider selection in Shreveport, which is why so many residents purchase those plans. Finding a health plan is all relative to the applicant and their preferences, and prices vary from one demographic to another. Therefore, we recommend you get your own health insurance quote to find the most suitable plan for your needs. Call one of our licensed Louisiana agents to discuss your options in Shreveport-Bossier at 888 803 5917.






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