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New Orleans Health Insurance

New Orleans, “The Big Easy,” is an animated city, rich in history and culture, voodoo and gumbo. Known for its unparalleled Mardi Gras celebration, New Orleans has long been established as an arts and entertainment-based city. A destination for the various music festivals, including the Jazz & Heritage Festival and Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans also draws crowds with its traditional cuisine. Historical sites fill the area with its old world roots featured in the French Quarter, and in the 101-year old New Orleans Museum of Art. While colorful attractions pepper the city, the non-tourists of New Orleans are the ones in need of health insurance. However, someone from out of town might also consider a policy to cover a night out on Bourbon Street.

The health insurance market in New Orleans is complete with all five insurers including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Humana, Coventry, Celtic, and UnitedHealthOne. Blue Cross offers both PPO and POS plans, connecting New Orleans residents to their HMO Louisiana network for lower rates. Coventry also offers a good set of POS plans in the city, with cost variations to suit different budgets. Humana and UnitedHealthOne offer policies that share many qualities, both PPOs with the same selection of benefits on separate networks. As a New Orleans health plan shopper, there are nearly 80 plans to choose from, and premium rates are about average. For a Southern city, rates are on par with others of its size, and not very expensive overall.



Sample New Orleans Health Insurance Quote

When searching health plans in New Orleans for a 30-year-old male resident, we find the lowest premium is offered by Humana One. Access to an all-inclusive copay plan is only $132 per month, with upfront coverage on generic drugs, and office visits with a PCP, specialist, or urgent care facility. A close second is the POS Copay 2500 plan from Coventry, though $35 more each month may deter certain buyers. The advantage over Humana lies in the lack of a pharmacy deductible, giving coverage on all tiers for a copay as soon as your plan starts. Humana has a $500 deductible to meet before additional drugs are covered. Also, Coventry covers emergency room visits for a $200 copay, and chiropractic visits for $40 – unlimited.

For the same price as Coventry, this resident could also choose to spend higher copays, more out-of-pocket, and have less benefits with BCBSLA. While this is their most comprehensive option with a $2500 deductible, they do not offer coinsurance less than 30 percent, and their office visits are $50 for primary care and specialist. What you pay for is the network and supporting your local health insurance company. The network is the area’s largest, and your membership would save you money on out-of-state and international health care needs, if that is a priority.

Though the lowest cost plan here is Humana, which is certainly worth a look, this Louisianian might save more with Coventry. The POS option with copays gives a wide range of possibility for medical needs at a fixed rate, and offers the convenience of predictability. UnitedHealthOne is not the best choice as their plan is exactly the same as our lowest cost plan, but for nearly $200 per month.

Plan premiums vary greatly from one resident to another. Search our Louisiana quote engine for your most perfect and affordable plan, or call a licensed agent to get a quote by phone at 888 803 5917.






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