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Lake Charles Health Insurance

The largest city in Southwest Louisiana, Lake Charles is at the heart of the region, dubbed the “Festival Capital” of the state for hosting more than 75 festivals each year. Not lacking any element of the Creole or Cajun culture, or the exuberance of Mardi Gras and the blues, Lake Charles has a smaller population than the big cities with the same amount of energy. Centered around an interesting blend of attractions – casinos, food, music, and the outdoors – visitors and residents can be entertained in numerous ways, while experiencing Southern history and culture. Residents of Calcasieu Parish and Southwest Louisiana have a lively community to absorb, and though buying a health plan may not be as enjoyable as a pirate festival, it will help pay for a physical shipwreck.

Health insurance in Lake Charles is missing a carrier from the rest of the state, Coventry, and otherwise the same plans come in at different premium rates from other regions. Varying based on the resident, of course, plans are least expensive for men from Humana, with Blue Cross and Blue Shield providing the best rates for women. Either of these companies will be a great choice, as premiums are low-to-average in cost. For a male resident in his early thirties, Humana offers a $2500 deductible plan with a few upfront benefits for $109 per month, and even more for $151. Female residents are still on the costly side, despite youth or health they may have to their advantage. Their least expensive Humana plan comes in at $150 per month. However, regardless of your demographic and price range, there are many plans available in Calcasieu Parish, with Celtic, UnitedHealthOne also offering plans.



Sample Lake Charles Health Insurance Quote

A 32-year-old female living in Lake Charles is subject to the gender-based rate increases of the remainder of the state, however, there are some great plans to be had. The smaller selection makes it easy to choose between carriers, with the lowest premium coming from Blue Cross and Blue Shield at $205 per month. This plan, the Blue Max PPO, is their best combination of upfront benefits.

She could go for a higher deductible to bring down the premium and still receive the same unlimited office visits and generic drugs for a copay before deductible. The BCBSLA network is the largest in the state, and both the company and the product itself have high ratings worth considering for yourself.

Humana offers the next most optimum plan for this resident, with a premium of $208, and the advantage of lower doctor’s office copays for primary care visits at $35. Specialists are $60 per visit, compared to BCBS’s $50 for both types of physician. Another plus of the Humana plan is 80/20 coverage, which BCBS does not offer with upfront benefits.

If you want to pay less after your deductible, Enhanced Copay 80 is the right choice. A broad network is also available through Humana, and their prescription coverage is quite good, though higher tiers are subject to a $500 deductible. At $240 per month, UnitedHealthOne is out of the running, and Celtic only covers your first four office visits at a copay, though the premium is less than the competition.

To find a health plan in Lake Charles or Calcasieu Parish in your price range, get your own health insurance quote to view rates from all four carriers. To speak with an agent about your options, call us at 888 803 5917.






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