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Lafayette Health Insurance

Located in the Cajun Heartland, Lafayette is known for dousing its food with severe, flavorful spices and providing the unique culture of Bayou Country. Bringing tourists to the city to savor the local Cajun food and heritage, the area is also ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors, with extensive swampland and bayous, as well as trails for hiking and biking. The climate makes outdoor events and activities a must in Lafayette, warm throughout the year, with weekly music and arts festivals and professional sporting events bringing the community together. The arts are heavily influenced by both Cajun and Creole cultures, highlighting the local flavor of the Acadiana region. A college town, the city is full of life and provides a reasonably short commute to New Orleans.

Health insurance in Lafayette is much like the rest of the state of Louisiana in terms of companies offered. Individual and family plans are available fromĀ Humana, Coventry, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, Celtic, and UnitedHealthOne. Coventry One is the only plan offering POS plans, as Blue Cross reserves their HMO network to the larger cities. Humana and United offer similar coverage, yet with drastically different premiums, Humana taking the lead for best value. No matter what you are looking for in terms of coverage, you can find it in one of these companies. If you are searching for a low premium plan with a moderate amount of upfront benefits, Coventry is the best place to find it. View the sample quote below for specific details on comprehensive plans.


Sample Lafayette Health Insurance Quote

For a 28-year-old couple in Lafayette, health insurance is actually least expensive from Blue Cross and Blue Shield. This plan may not have the 80/20 coverage of the competition, but it does feature the most broad network of providers in the state. At $298 per month, these Lafayette residents can pay less than $150 each for coverage, which is pretty good for both of them. This plan covers all of the essentials, with copays for unlimited office visits with primary care and specialists, and generic drugs. If higher coinsurance isn’t a problem, save the money on the premium and go with this plan.

Humana is the best option for 20 percent coinsurance at $308 per month. Also a great deal for both parties involved, this plan includes the same benefits as Blue Cross, but with a lower PCP copay. For a greater amount of coverage than BCBSLA after the deductible is met, this plan is definitely a good investment, and worth consideration. Their network may not be as strong in Louisiana, but with access to non-network providers, you should be able to locate the right one.

Coventry One’s POS Copay 2500 plan is the ultimate plan for cost savings on medical expenses. With copays on nearly every service imaginable, is straddles the line of PPO and HMO quite well. Despite having inpatient and outpatient coverage subject to the deductible, many other services are offered at copay, including emergency room visits for $200, which is outstanding. Chiropractic coverage is $40 per visit with no limit, and prescriptions are all available upfront. If willing to spend the extra money for the premium, your savings might just come back in service costs.

Research how much these plans and others will cost you in Lafayette by testing our quote engine, and comparing your own rates. If you would rather consult an agent about your options, call us at 888 803 5917.







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