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Baton Rouge Health Insurance

The largest city in the state and home to many cultural attractions, Baton Rouge is centered around heritage, music, and education. An active, busy metropolis, the city continually hosts festivals and events and draws local and out-of-town crowds with its vibrant personality. Baton Rouge is home to several universities, and is strewn with parks and land protecting the natural ecology of the area. With swamps located right in the heart of downtown, residents can visit the local plants and animals while passing through the city, the abundance of trees offering a cleaner environment for the city. Located beside the Mississippi River, Baton Rouge has over 230,000 residents, many of which have yet to be insured. Finding a good health insurance plan in your city can protect you from getting sick or paying too much for medical care.

Baton Rouge is furnished with POS and PPO health plans from UnitedHealthOne, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, CoventryHumana, and Celtic. In the region, HMO Louisiana offers individual coverage through their Community Blue plans, designed to save money with copays and a local network. POS plans are also available through Coventry One, who provides an array of upfront benefits with their HMO network. PPOs are offered by the remaining three carriers, with strong benefits and low pricing from Humana. Individual and family plans are within an average price range, with options under $200 per month for many residents. Connected to one of these networks, Baton Rouge residents can receive care for a fairly low cost.



Sample Baton Rouge Health Insurance Quote

A 32-year-old female resident was our subject as we searched for plans in Baton Rouge. As women are rated up significantly in any Southern state, we find this healthy, young resident can only get away with spending a minimum of $225 per month for comprehensive coverage. Humana offers the best plan with the most benefits in this range, with copays on unlimited office visits, and 80 percent coverage after deductible. Blue Cross Blue Shield is competing at the same price with their Blue Max PPO, which covers office visits for $50 (both PCP and specialist), while Humana covers primary care for $35 and specialists for $60. Both have a $500 deductible for brand name prescriptions and a $2500 out-of-pocket limit. BCBSLA, however only provides 70 percent coverage after deductible, so Humana may save more.

UnitedHealthOne offers a plan very much like Humana for $255 per month, yet their pharmacy deductible is $200, and their specialist visits are a $35 copay, saving a few dollars in comparison on several services. The out-of-pocket maximum is also $500 higher. Based on whether more types of prescriptions or saving $360 per year on premiums is more important, it would be more advisable to choose Humana’s version.

The amazing POS copay plan from Coventry One is also a great choice, though $271 per month for this resident. With more copay benefits than any other plan in this range, Coventry provides the option of in and out of network coverage with a heavy influence on the in-network copay coverage. Unlimited office visits, all levels of prescriptions, chiropractic, and emergency care are available for a predetermined fee. $200 emergency room visits save policyholders thousands of dollars compared to other plans, and make this one worth the premium, for those who can afford it. Blue Cross also offers a POS plan for nearly $291 per month and does not compare to the Coventry POS , though offered with a lower deductible and 100 percent coverage.

Interested to see how rates will compare between companies for you? Receive an instant Baton Rouge health insurance quote to view all of your options and corresponding rates. Call us with any questions, or to get a quote over the phone, at 888 803 5917.







1. Image: Wikimedia Commons. “Mississippi River Bridge at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.”