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Louisiana is home to some of the liveliest cities in the nation, between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. In addition are numerous small towns throughout the parishes of the state, whether Gulfside, along the Mississippi, or among one of many bayous. As health insurance is known to vary from one region to another in company and plan selection, as well as premium rates, we have provided a regional guide to your state’s individual market. For instance, Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers plans through their sister company, HMO Louisiana, in the three largest cities only, giving more options to those residents. Coventry One also does not cover the entire state, through available in most areas.

To better explain these regions and the tendencies of their individual health insurance plans, we run a sample quote for a resident in the chosen area, then select the best potential plans for that demographic. Encouraging the viewer to get their own quote for the sake of accuracy, these articles simply provide an example of the current options for someone looking for the most benefits at the lowest cost. The most similar plans from each carrier are compared by choosing a deductible of $2500, first-dollar benefits, and 80/20 coinsurance. This combination generally offers a fair balance of not-too-high premiums and significant savings on member cost sharing.

While exploring the territory of Louisiana, we aim to provide insight into the current market and give a few pointers on how to buy a great health plan. Everyone is looking for something different, but in our experience, the most preferred health plans have copays to protect you from unexpectedly high medical bills. If you have any questions about the plans chosen, or want to find out more about which plan might be the right choice for you, call us at 888 803 5917. Our licensed agents are waiting to assist you and know these plans very well.