Non-Medically Underwritten Plans

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A historical piece pertaining to plans sold before Obamacare, this article discusses discount plans that aren’t real health insurance. Essentially, if there wasn’t any medical underwriting involved, it may as well be a scam. As these plans might still be sold despite the health care law’s ban on bare-bones policies, it is worthwhile to educate yourself on these programs, which will be much less expensive than any plan on the individual market, or even the exchange with federal assistance. The reason why is because they hardly cover anything, and there is no real network. Read on, keeping in mind that health problems or pre-existing conditions do not prevent anyone from obtaining coverage at this point.

Before assuming that you are uninsurable, you should verify that, in fact, you are ineligible for individual coverage. It is too often the case that an individual is told by their group insurance agent, or whatever the case may be, that they will not be able to enroll in an individual plan in Florida due to their pre-existing conditions. While this may be the case for a wide array of medical conditions, it is surprisingly not the case for many medical conditions that one would assume would be deemed as uninsurable.  Depending on the insurance carrier, some may have broader underwriting guidelines.

Discount Health Insurance Plans

So, before enrolling in a conversion plan or applying for a HIPAA health insurance application it would be worthwhile for you to check with your insurance agent and have them send in a pre-screening form to the insurance carrier.  99% of insurance carriers have a pre-screening form that an agent is able to send to the underwriting department in so they may provide an overall assessment of what to expect if you apply for individual coverage, they would respond with what they feel your risk category would be although it ultimately depends on the final determination of the underwriter and often times upon completing their review of your medical records.

But, instead of applying for coverage blindly, wasting your time, and possibly having a decline in the MIB (Medical Information Bureau) for 10 years, you may as well send in the pre-screening form for evaluation that only takes about 24-48 hours. If your agent does not have access to all insurance carriers or you do not have an agent, contact our office and we’ll be more than happy to obtain all the necessary medical information that we will need to complete the pre-screening.  You should expect to provide your height, weight, age or date of birth, name, and medical conditions and respective medication along with dosages and frequencies. If you find that you are in fact not eligible for an individual medically underwritten plan in Florida or your own particular state, then you do have several options. You may also obtain additional information by going to the US Department of Health and Human Services resource center online, you’ll find the official documents and laws that govern the health insurance industry.

Alternatives to Discount Health Insurance Plans

§  If you currently have a COBRA plan that is about to exhaust after 18 months (or more if you qualified for an extension on the COBRA policy) then the insurance carrier administering the COBRA policy may be offer a conversion plan.  If you are offered a conversion plan, you must accept the plan should you decide to maintain the same level of coverage.

§   If a conversion plan is not offered to you then you are most probably eligible for a guaranteed issue policy as mandated by HIPAA law.

§  You may also consider Cover Florida in which also has certain eligibility requirements but is guaranteed issued.

§  Insurance companies are required to offer 2 individual plan options for HIPAA eligible individuals, or what is often referenced as HIPAA applications and must approve all eligible HIPAA applicants although they are allowed to rate up the premium; meaning that the insurance company will approve you and cover all pre-existing conditions but possibly with a 100% rate increase on the preferred premium.

§  August is the only month in Florida that you can enroll in a one life group and is a viable alternative for self-employed individuals. Note that 2 employees is the minimum number of employees required to establish a small group policy.