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UnitedHealthOne is the individual health insurance division of UnitedHealth Group, with PPO plans underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. With their headquarters in Indianapolis, UnitedHealthOne is at the heart of the Indiana individual health insurance market. Golden Rule has been providing individual and family health plans for more than 65 years, serving as an integral part of the UnitedHealth Group since 2003. With coverage in 40 states and the District of Columbia, UnitedHealthOne covers the most territory of any health plan of its kind.

Connected to the nation’s largest health care group, UnitedHealthcare, Golden Rule offers coverage backed by the organization at the forefront of American medical care and insurance. United serves every market with health insurance, including group coverage for half of Fortune 100 companies. United Healthcare companies insure more than 26 million members altogether, providing access to a nationwide network of more than 754,000 doctors and other health care professionals, and 5,400 hospitals.

UnitedHealthOne plans have received positive feedback from the industry’s measures of quality, including an accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA), a rating of “A” (Excellent) from A.M. Best, and a score of “A-” (Strong) from Standard & Poor’s. Offering their full array of plan options to inhabitants of Indiana, UnitedHealthOne is often a price leader for many demographics.


United Heath Care Individual Health Insurance Plans


UnitedHealthOne Individual Plans in Indiana


Copay Select Plans

The Copay Select group of plans offers the simplicity and ease of a group plan, with copayments for doctor’s office visits and generic prescriptions at any time before meeting your deductible. Choose a coverage level and deductible to regulate your monthly costs to fit your budget, while still gaining access to a certain number of covered visits for a $35 copay. After meeting the deductible, your plan will cover 70 or 80 percent of your major medical costs including hospital care, surgery, and emergency care. Copay Select Value plans offer a lower premium and less coverage, while Copay Select plans cover unlimited non-preventive office visits for slightly more.


High Deductible Health Plans

Known alternately as “catastrophic coverage,” these plans provide a wide window of health care spending with more individual responsibility for medical expenses. If you want coverage for a low monthly premium and want access to all types of health care services, from physician care to hospitalization, these plans have you covered. In-network discounts apply to services obtained while meeting your deductible, easing the out-of-pocket costs more than choosing a non-network option. When you reach your designated annual deductible, coverage is offered at 80 percent or in full, depending on your specified amount.


Health Savings Account Plans

Also part of the high-deductible health plan family, this type of plan is HSA-compatible. With two coinsurance and prescription coverage choices, you can spend less or receive full coverage with pharmacy benefits. HSA 70 allows you to start the HSA process, connect an account to your health plan, and receive 70 percent coverage after deductible. HSA 100 plans offer the security and ease of zero coinsurance once you have fulfilled the deductible, and offer prescription coverage throughout your term. Each of these options covers preventive care as soon as your plan begins for no additional cost.


UnitedHealthOne Indiana Brochure


To look up rates and compare UnitedHealthOne copay, high deductible, and HSA plans in your area, get a quote. Call one of our agents to discuss UnitedHealthOne in more detail and apply for a health plan at 888 803 5917.