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South Bend Health Insurance

Known as the nearest incorporated city to the University of Notre Dame, as well as the economical and cultural gathering place of Michiana, South Bend is in a transitional upswing. Though its once-thriving industrial business now survives via abandoned warehouses and the Studebaker National Museum, South Bend has reclaimed its economy through the University, healthcare, local business, and tourism. The parks system in South Bend revolves around the East Race Waterway, and includes over 50 parks in the city, as well as the Potawatomi Zoo and Greenhouses, and a Botanical Conservatory. Naturally, sports are a significant interest in South Bend due to the Fightin’ Irish influence, which is balanced by the city’s hand in supporting the arts.

South Bend culture combines many elements, and is an even more worthwhile place to live for the low rent and affordable health insurance. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance actually noted the city as one of the “Best Cities for Cheapskates” in 2012. Individual health plans are available through six different insurers, including Physician’s Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Anthem, Celtic, Humana, and UnitedHealthOne. With prices congruous with the rest of the state, South Bend continues the well-priced health plans found throughout Indiana. To find a South Bend individual plan in your price range, get a quote now or call us at 888 803 5917.



Sample South Bend Health Insurance Quote

In order to adequately evaluate the best individual and family plans for your money in South Bend, we ran a quote for a 32-year-old male and female resident of the city. Both of these residents can find the same great comprehensive plans with $2500 deductibles from each carrier, yet their rates are very different. The lone regional company among South Bend health plans, PHP offers a great plan (though coinsurance is 30 percent rather than 20 percent) for $143 per month for the male, and $202 for the female. This plan offers access to PHP’s network physicians for a copay, and covers non-network providers after deductible.

Anthem also offers a great plan for those looking for 80/20 coverage after deductible, and the upfront benefits of primary care, specialists, and prescriptions. For the male resident, this plan costs $151 per month, while the female applicant is quoted at $218. Her next most affordable plan is actually $204 per month from UnitedHealthOne. This plan is nothing out of the ordinary, but given the price and the amount of coverage, it is worth consideration for this South Bend woman. Of the six, these three plans are by far the most inclusive for cost-effective care prior to your deductible, while generously covering major medical bills.

When contemplating a plan, it is essential to consider how much care you need and what your priorities are. In selecting a plan like the ones below, the monthly cost is slightly higher so your cost sharing is alleviated. This creates a great balance, and paired with the right insurer, a large amount of security. Below are the most well-priced South Bend plans from each carrier for the 32-year-old male resident.

To view your own rates for these South Bend plans, fill out a quote or call an agent at 888 803 5917.






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