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Gary is the largest city in Lake County, Indiana, located 30 miles from Chicago on the banks of Lake Michigan. Once a heavily industrial city, Gary is still clad with steel mills and remain the economic center of the region. Multiple city parks are located throughout the city, the largest of which are Lake Etta Park and Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore Park, including plenty of open space for fishing, swimming, horseback riding, and trails for walking beside the lakefront.

Gary is also fond of the arts, with the West Side Theatre Guild bringing performances of various types. The city has served as the backdrop for several major film productions, and was most famously the home of the Jackson’s, along with several other performers, professional sports players, and even an astronaut. Close to Chicago and rich in history, Gary may have experienced a population decline over the past 50 years, but it still exists as an important component of Indiana culture.

As a resident of Gary shopping for individual and family medical coverage, there are really only three insurers to consider, and if you find a plan apart from these companies, you may risk getting ripped off. To ensure safety and the best coverage possible, look at policies from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana, UnitedHealthcare, and Humana. Gary plans are priced in the average to high range, similar to the nearby city of Hammond, starting at $187 per month for a comprehensive $2,500 plan as a 30-year-old male – one of the less expensive groups to insure. However, you can still find great plans to fit your budget and cover your medical care in Gary.

If you cannot afford a private plan in Gary, find out if your qualify for a public health plan, of which there are several in the state.

Gary, Indiana Health Quotes

Sample Gary Health Insurance Quote

As a 40-year-old female resident running a quote in Gary, the most affordable plan with the greatest amount of benefits is UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select at $343 per month. Other options are available for a lower premium, of course, but this plan includes 80 percent coverage after deductible, no limit for office visits covered for a copay, and generic prescriptions upfront. The annual out-of-pocket maximum is $10,000, which can be good or bad depending on how accident-prone you may be. For most people, though, that amount is unlikely to be reached in a year.

Anthem also offers a good plan for Gary residents with $30 copays for primary care visits, $40 specialist visits, and generic drugs upfront, like the UnitedHealth plan. Depending on how much each plan costs for you, either one of these may be a good choice, as they offer virtually the same benefits with different networks. Humana’s plan in this range is also extremely similar to the UnitedHealthOne plan, so it can be ruled out as too costly, at least for this resident at $410.

Premiums differ for each resident of Gary, though these three companies are the only trusted ones in the area. For a balance of instant coverage with copayments and a deductible that’s not too high, this is a good range to look for, but only serves as an example of a few plans in the area. For a detailed view of all your options and customized rates, get a personal health plan quote and compare.





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