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Evansville Health Insurance

Evansville, Indiana serves as a central point in the Tri-State area of Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, and is settled along the Ohio River. Referred to as “River City,” Evansville contains a variety of attractions including its riverboat casino, as well as outlets for historical, cultural, and artistic influences for a different set of tastes. Evansville represents its history through well maintained architectural sites, performance venues such as the Victory Theatre, and an assortment of museums. The city comes together for the Fall Festival, and draws close to 150,000 people for a display of music, amusement, and atypical foods, such as chocolate covered crickets and alligator stew. With such a diverse background, Evansville is an interesting small city to call home.

As many Indiana residents still have yet to buy a health insurance plan, Evansville residents should get to know their options on the individual and family market. For those who do not have coverage through their employer or the state, this type of insurance is the ideal route to take. Due to its location, there are five health insurance companies offering plans in Evansville, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Celtic, Humana, and UnitedHealthOne. All offering PPO plans, you have access to a variety of providers regardless of which you choose. However, certain plans will offer much more affordable access to a variety of in-network doctors and facilities. To consult an agent about plans in Evansville, call us at 888 803 5917.



Sample Evansville Health Insurance Quote

We ran a quote for a 34-year-old female resident of Evansville and found that coverage is priced more unfavorably for her than in other areas of the state. For a healthy resident in her early 30s living in a relatively low-cost area, Evansville health plans are a bit pricey. The lowest priced comprehensive plan is available from UnitedHealthOne for $236 per month. For a male resident of the same age, the Copay Select 80 plan is $184 per month, however, which is within an average range. Evansville insurers apparently find women a huge burden on the health care system. Inequalities of the present laws aside, this is a great plan for those who want every possible service covered and doctor’s office visits for a copay.

If this resident wanted to save money and get a PPO for the same $2500 deductible, she could opt for another United plan for $123 per month, which sounds much more agreeable. In the full-benefit category, however, she must look at plans over $200. Anthem is also a strong source of coverage in the same price range, at $244 per month they offer a broad network and wide array of benefits. Their out-of-pocket limit is $3000 after deductible, which leaves a good amount of space for receiving health care during the year before you reach the maximum. Like the other plans, you have access to generic prescriptions and physician care at any time in the course of your deductible. These three plans are the only ones to contemplate for this resident, as the remaining options lack in certain areas.

For a look at Evansville comprehensive health plans with rates corresponding to your specific details, fill out your own personalized health quote. If you need additional guidance on which plan to choose, contact a licensed agent at 888 803 5917.








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