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Bloomington Health Insurance

Bloomington is the sixth-largest city in the state of Indiana, and is known as the home of Indiana University’s oldest and most populous campus, among many other higher education institutions. With so much education, the city lends itself to a pleasant environment, many activities, and is even a short drive to Indianapolis for those who want a wider variety of events and entertainment to choose from. Bloomington itself has an abundance of nearby activities, including the Hoosier National Forest, Lake Monroe, various bike parks, Bluespring Caverns, and other places where the outdoors can be enjoyed.  The city also hosts numerous events for culinary, performing, and visual arts and music throughout the year. Bloomington’s colorful community and positive environment make it a great place to live for students and residents alike.

Health insurance in Monroe County is offered by three main insurers: Humana, Anthem, and UnitedHealthOne. These plans are all PPOs, giving you a selection of network doctors and hospitals for lower rates or using any provider out-of-network. Anthem offers one of the most reliable plans in the state, as they are headquartered in Indianapolis, but United and Humana also provide sufficient coverage. Based on your demographic and health status, your rates may be better with Anthem or United, while Humana tends to remain more expensive for most applicants. Find out what your rates are in Bloomington with an instant Indiana health insurance quote.



Bloomington Sample Health Insurance Quote

In Bloomington, for a 30-year-old female resident, the best price for an individual health plan is $202 per month from UnitedHealthOne. This is their standard copay plan with 80/20 coverage, but members still have a great array of benefits at their disposal. This is actually a good price for getting unlimited office visits with specialists and PCPs, as well as prescriptions for a copay.

As Anthem’s plan is the next comparable choice for $32 more, it would be preferable to choose the UnitedHealthOne plan. Anthem offers not much different from UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select plan, but the deductible for prescriptions is lower at $250 for brand names. Otherwise, both have a $2500 deductible, copays on the same services, and 20 percent coinsurance.

Humana’s plan is identical to UnitedHealthOne, and therefore, this resident is better off with a larger national provider network and a significantly lower monthly fee. Though this plan has good ratings from members in Indiana, it may be better suited and more affordable for another type of resident.

To find out if these plans are affordable for you and your family, and view your other choices in Monroe County, fill out a quick quote. If you prefer the phone, you can call us at 888 803 5917 and speak with an Indiana health insurance expert.






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