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With the 15th largest population of any state in the country, Indiana is home to more than 6.5 million residents. Many Hoosiers are living without health insurance, creating an obstacle between themselves, their families, and affordable protection for medical emergencies and general health needs. Health insurance in Indiana is not consistent from one region to the next. Each city has its own selection of carriers, and premium rates vary based on your zip code, as well. In these articles, you will find examples of the most comprehensive, most cost-effective individual health plans offered by each insurer in different areas.

When constructing a sample quote, we always assume our applicant is in good health and does not smoke. We also select copay plans with criteria as close as possible to having a deductible of $2500, 20 percent (or otherwise low) coinsurance after reaching that deductible. This ensures cost savings throughout your policy’s term, as primary care or specialist office visits are the most common service after preventive care, which is always free. Though there are higher deductible plans for a lower monthly premium, finding the balance between low cost services and a moderate premium is the best solution when making sure you have all your bases covered in a health plan.

We hope to guide you one area at a time through the state’s individual health insurance market, and provide a current, honest look at the best options. Everyone has unique needs and preferences, especially when deciding how to insure your health, therefore it is entirely up to you to determine which type of health plan works best for you. Whether copay, high deductible, HSA, or basic, we invite you to compare plan options and find your fit. Get your own quote for a more personal research experience.