Indiana makes the health insurance market a bit more simple for its residents, by offering only a handful of great companies and well priced plans. There are only four main Indiana health insurance companies, including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana, Celtic, The IHC Group, Humana, and UnitedHealthOne. Anthem has consistently offered the best plans, when considering the most solid benefits for the lowest rates for years in Indiana and continues to be a leading presence in the state’s individual health insurance market. Humana and UnitedHealth Care also offer competitive plans of many sorts, so there is an option for anyone who needs a good health plan in your state.


For the uninsured in Indiana, there is always the Indiana Comprehensive Health Insurance Association (ICHIA). This high risk plan is available to HIPAA eligible individuals and those who have had previously been declined with individual health insurance plans. Additionally, if you have been rated up for health insurance or find the high risk plans available in Indiana to be more affordable than the individual plans you can also elect to take the Indiana high risk health plans.

The other good news in Indiana health insurance is that individual health insurance companies cannot impose permanent riders on or exclude coverage for a condition for longer than 12 months. The Indiana Department of Insurance can be reached at 317-232-2385. Medicaid (and Hoosier Healthwise) in Indiana can be contacted at 800-889-9949.


Sample Indiana Health Insurance Quote

As an example of what you can find when searching for health insurance in Indiana, we created a sample quote for a 30-year-old, non-smoking female in the Indianapolis market. By selecting a $2,500 deductible, you can see the variety of plans available in this city for a reasonable rate. This level typically covers a large number of benefits, and is a safe number to choose for those who are in good health and want to keep their costs down. The lowest rate available in this range is $167 per month from Celtic, if she wants only two covered office visits. UnitedHealthOne’s copay plan for $190 per month offers unlimited access to a primary care doctor or specialist.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield plans also provide a large number of benefits and great coverage, as well as immediate access to doctor’s office visits – a current preference of many Indiana residents. The best deals in Indianapolis are coming from Anthem and UnitedHealthOne, with their copay plans also providing sufficient coverage on hospital care after deductible and physician services as soon as your plan starts for a $35 copay. Below we have listed the plans we would lead our client towards based on her criteria.

Health insurance costs vary from individual to individual, based on age, gender, number of dependents and region. To receive your own personalized quote and get an accurate idea of what you can choose from, please visit our Indiana health insurance quote engine.