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When looking for health insurance plans, we find it most helpful to know as many facts as possible. We do the same thing when deciding which carriers to offer our customers as a brokerage. Since we also enjoy compiling all the research into one location, here are the Illinois private health plan reviews from J.D. Power and Associates’ 2013 Member Health Plan Study.

Illinois and Indiana were surveyed as one of 17 regions, totaling 33,000 policyholders nationwide, and 1,461 in these two states. The most plan members who were content with their coverage were insured by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, who achieved a score of 712 out of a possible 1,000 points. Compared to last year’s average, the region’s overall satisfaction was less strong than the previous year, dropping seven points. Members rate their health plans from various angles, among these are approval processes; coverage and benefits; information and communication; claims processing; customer service; statements; and provider selection. BCBSIL was rated highly in each of these categories, and may be one of the only plans in the study to do so.

In contrast to the previous year, plan members rated their policies much more similarly to one another, not showing as vast a difference in satisfaction, though Blue Cross Blue Shield still ranked higher. In 2013, more policyholders feel their plans are “better than most,” though the other half remains “about average,” as every plan other than Blue Cross Blue Shield was in 2012. Health Alliance Medical Plans also came out on top with 706 points and a stronger outcome than other carriers, creating a regional average of 704 among all seven major plans.

Other companies like UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, and Aetna all received about the same score in this area. Indiana’s Blue plan made an improvement from last year, increasing 17 points from being the lowest ranking plan in the region last year to 693.

Does this mean that if you aren’t a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois member that you should switch your plan? Only if you feel that, yes, your plan is “about average” and you could find better rates, coverage, and service elsewhere. Not sure? Get a quote and find out how much a BCBSIL plan will cost in your area.


Illinois Health Plan Ranking




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