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Illinois Healthy Women

Illinois Healthy Women Program

Lower-income women in Illinois can obtain free reproductive health services through Healthy Women, a state-funded program. This program connects women with family planning services, including various methods of birth control, and provides help with planning a healthy pregnancy if and when you choose to get pregnant. Illinois Healthy Women is confidential, voluntary and free of charge for members who qualify.

Members of Illinois Healthy Women have access to free birth control and additional services rendered at family planning visits, which may include a physical exam, pap tests, family planning-related laboratory tests, screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted infections discovered at a family planning visit, and sterilization. This program also covers mammograms, multivitamins and folic acid if requested during your visit. Simply mention to the doctor your needs and they may be able to place an order for you.

The family planning services provided by this program are available at no cost, yet if you place an order for brand name vitamins or other prescription drugs, a modest copay may be charged.

Illinois Healthy Women is entirely optional, there is no obligation to join, and you may cancel benefits any time.

All birth control services received through the Illinois Healthy Woman program are confidential.


Income Eligibility

In order to enroll in Illinois Healthy Women, you must meet the following income guidelines. Income criteria changes each year with the federal poverty level.


How to Apply

You may enroll in Illinois Healthy Women in one of two ways. The first is by Automatic Enrollment, in which you receive a pink Illinois Healthy Women card in the mail, when you lose regular medical benefits, if you are eligible. The second method of enrollment is to Apply for Illinois Healthy Women. Call 1-800-226-0768 to have a paper application sent to the address of your preference, or you may print an application to mail in.

Women who are found eligible will receive a Pink Illinois Healthy Women card in the mail with a notice of approval.

Illinois Healthy Women Card

A comprehensive health plan under Medicaid may be a better solution in the event that you start a family, your income gets lower, or you become pregnant while enrolled in Illinois Healthy Women. Programs such as FamilyCare or Moms and Babies may be helpful if you have children, and if you remain childless, you can apply for ACA adults (Medicaid expansion) or Get Covered Illinois, the health insurance marketplace that offers subsidized coverage.



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Healthy Women Program: 1-800-226-0768

TTY: 1-877-204-1012