FamilyCare: Coverage for Illinois Parents

The FamilyCare program provides comprehensive medical insurance to low-income Illinois parents and caretaker relatives with dependent children up to 18 years old living at home. In addition to this program, adults with or without children have coverage under the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid Expansion provision in Illinois. Both Family Care and ACA Adults allow adults to gain health insurance and medical services that might otherwise be out of reach.


FamilyCare Covered Services

Similar to All Kids, the FamilyCare program pays for office visits, emergency care, specialty medical services, hospital care, prescription medications and dental services, among others. It serves as a comprehensive source of insurance that helps you avoid paying the penalty tax under the federal health insurance requirement.


FamilyCare and Other Insurance

You may be eligible for FamilyCare even if you have other coverage. If you already have a health plan and your household income qualifies for FamilyCare Share, Premium or Rebate, you can choose between these three levels of FamilyCare. FamilyCare Rebate assists with paying existing insurance premiums. In FamilyCare Share and FamilyCare Premium plans, members are given a medical card to help cover healthcare services that your current policy does not cover.



Parents and caretaker relatives who are Illinois residents with low income can enroll in FamilyCare. Additionally, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident to apply. Applying for medical assistance through All Kids or FamilyCare does not impact immigration status except for those receiving services in a nursing home or mental health center.


Income Guidelines

The income threshold for parents covered under FamilyCare changes each year, and is represented for 2013 in the chart below. Review the income limit in relation to your family size to determine whether you might qualify for benefits. Keep in mind that income limits change each year with the current federal poverty level.

Illinois Parents and Caretaker Relatives



FamilyCare Cost Sharing

As a FamilyCare member, you are required to make a few small payments for coverage and care, depending on the plan you have and your income level. A modest monthly premium between $15 and $40 is asked of enrollees in FamliyCare Premium, based on how many individuals are covered per family. If you’re not enrolled in FamilyCare Premium, you do not have to pay a premium each month. Copays range from $2 to $3.65 for doctor’s office visits, prescription drugs, and visiting the emergency room for non-emergencies for all members.


How to Apply

Parents and caretaker relatives whose children currently receive medical benefits should contact the Department of Human Services (DHS) Local Office or an All Kids Application Agent. Parents and caretaker relatives can apply for medical benefits online or download and complete the All Kids/FamilyCare application and mail it to the central All Kids Unit. They can also apply through a local All Kids Application Agent or a Department of Human Services (DHS) Local Office.



FamilyCare Hotline: 1-866-ALL-KIDS (1-866-255-5437)
TTY: 1-877-204-1012