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Known as an arts-friendly city, Waukegan is a cultural center with regular festivals and parades, and a diverse population. The fifth-largest city along the western shore of Lake Michigan, Waukegan lies 40 miles north of Chicago and close to the Wisconsin border, creating easy access to other areas. Residents can enjoy a recreational trail that winds through the downtown area, as well as the natural dunes and sand of the Waukegan Municipal Beach, and Illinois Beach State Park nearby. Several parks and a waterfront location provide a relaxing environment in Waukegan, with access to wildlife, water sports, and other outdoor activities. Though many mid-westerners are leaving the region, Waukegan’s population has steadily grown in the past few years, implying it may be worth sticking around for.

Waukegan and Lake County health insurance plans are available from six different insurers, and is similar to the Chicago market, though perhaps a few dollars less. BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois is the top-rated and most popular choice for individual policyholders, though not necessarily the most affordable for everyone. Other trustworthy carriers include Coventry, who usually offers something to fit every applicant and budget, Aetna, UnitedHealthOne, and Humana. To find which carrier offers the best coverage to meet your needs, call us at 888 803 5917, or click the image below to start a free, personalized quote.

Waukegan Illinois Health Insurance Quotes

Sample Waukegan Health Insurance Quote

A 42-year-old female living in Waukegan looking for a plan with a $2,500 deductible and 20 percent coinsurance has several very good options for a decent price. To begin with, the greatest amount of coverage for the lowest dollar amount comes from BlueCross BlueShield at $204 per month. As the company was has been revered by members for its coverage and benefits, this plan is adequate proof, with $30 copays for primary care and specialist visits upfront. The downside, however, is no copays for generic drugs, which the area’s other carriers provide in their similar plans, though they are significantly higher in cost. Otherwise, this plan includes the best combination of benefits for the price in Waukegan.

For this resident, UnitedHealthOne offers a plan for $271 per month with slightly more upfront benefits than the BlueCross BlueShield plan, including generic prescriptions at a $15 copay. Unlimited office visits for $35 is also a plus, though the out-of-pocket limit is a massive $10,000 without deductible. Watch for details such as these, as you will be unlikely to hit that amount in a year’s time, thus making the 20 percent coinsurance somewhat obsolete.

Coventry One is dependable for offering sufficient coverage with copays, as well as keeping premiums down, for the most part. In this instance, they offer the SJ PPO plan with immediate copay coverage for office visits and generics, like the other plans, but also providing 0 coinsurance and a few copays after deductible. Their most benefit-rich PPO plan is slightly more expensive, at $307 per month for this resident, including a $250 copay emergency room benefit, as well as copays for chiropractic and mental health care.

Additional plans may be worth considering in your demographic that were more costly for this resident. To conduct your own quick research study on Lake County health plans, get an instant online quote and review every plan offered near you.





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