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Springfield Health Insurance

Springfield, Illinois is the capital of the state, and home to the most residents outside of the Chicago metropolitan area. Situated in Sangamon County, Springfield is politically and historically significant as the home of the pre-presidential Abraham Lincoln, and workplace of Barack Obama as state Senator. The Springfield area has also brought forth many notable American authors, and the literary arts remain a strong force in the Sangamon Valley. As the state capital, the city is known to host various events to provide a welcoming, All-American, family-friendly atmosphere, which is reinforced year-round with local businesses and attractions. The city also has several museums and libraries, many memorials to Lincoln, and great parks, including a zoo and botanical gardens.

Residents of Sangamon County have six health insurance carriers to choose from, including national companies like Aetna, Coventry, UnitedHealthOne, and Humana, and regional ones such as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and Health Alliance. Surprisingly not an HMO, Health Alliance offers some of the lowest priced PPO coverage in Springfield, with great benefits – though perhaps not the largest network. Blue Cross Blue Shield is also a good choice in this area, as they are not only trusted and the most popular, but offer very fair premiums for an all-inclusive plan. Depending on your demographic, Coventry One also has their Midwestern special “Super Joe” plans at a very low rate with unlimited office visits. Coincidentally or not, the name of the plan may indicate they favor male applicants. No matter who you are, though, there is a quality health plan for a decent price in Springfield.

Sample Springfield Health Insurance Quote

To give a more clear picture of the health insurance market for individuals and families in Sangamon County and the City of Springfield, we ran a quote for a healthy, nonsmoking 37-year-old female resident living in zip code 62701. There are health plans available from $150 with a great deal of benefits, though if this resident were to choose the $150 per month My Health Alliance plan, prescription coverage is an add-on. BCBS also offers a nice plan for $163 with upfront coverage on office visits, but prescriptions are covered at coinsurance.

When comparing all of the PPOs this resident can find with an equal amount of benefits, including some generics, the lowest premium is held by My Health Alliance. With a $250 pharmacy deductible and a premium of $183 per month, it beats the majority of the competition. Secondarily, UnitedHealthOne offers their run-of-the-mill Copay Select 80 for $210, which makes a regional carrier much more appealing, unless you anticipate needing a large national network.

Close behind is Blue Cross Blue Shield with a plan that covers both unlimited office visits and prescriptions before deductible, SelectBlue. This plan has received an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 for overall satisfaction among twenty Illinois members, most strong in provider selection. Given the access to the Blue network and those amenities, this one is also a good consideration to have.

Coventry One offers the 100% coverage or copay after deductible SJ plan for $219, which is also a fair choice, and their PPO 2000 80% for $233. Each of these is a viable option, with unlimited office visits for illness or injury, prescriptions, and a wide range of medical services. The PPO plan provides several additional services upfront, however, including a $250 emergency room copay, chiropractic, and mental health care.

Aetna and Humana may not be ideal for this demographic, though there are certainly plenty of options for this resident to choose from. Which plan will be the best fit for you? Run your own quote to find out or call us at 888 803 5917, as everyone will get a different result.


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