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Rockford Health Insurance

When living in Rockford, you may enjoy the streets peppered with elm trees that earned the nickname of the Forest City, or the view of the wide Rock River that runs through the city. Though the downtown area is sizable and various events take place, Rockford’s surrounding region is a popular outdoor destination. Along the Rock River, cyclists can ride a paved trail for several miles, and the waterfront serves as a centerpiece for much of Rockford’s events. Many Rockford residents take in the abundance of entertainment in the city, ranging from the performing arts to the state’s largest music festival, “On the Waterfront.” Residents are also within an 85-mile commute to Chicago should they ever tire of their own city’s events or job market.

Rockford is served by six health insurers of note and trustworthiness, which are Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Coventry, Aetna, Humana, My Health Alliance (the Illinois HMO), and UnitedHealthcare. When it comes to getting the most out of your plan, Coventry, My Health Alliance, and Blue Cross seem to offer plenty of coverage for exceptional rates, though it might be different for certain people. Generally speaking, these three carriers dominate the Rockford market and provide high quality, very broad networks – especially BCBS if you’re a traveler. All insurers are fairly competitive in Rockford, though. Compared to the rest of the state, Rockford health insurance rates are more cost-effective and reasonable than other areas, which is yet another plus living in this area.

Rockford Sample Health Insurance Quote

After running a quote for a 29-year-old female living in Rockford, the exciting new is that you can get comprehensive coverage as a healthy, nonsmoking woman for as little as $126 per month. My Health Alliance and Blue Cross both offer the lowest cost plans, and some higher, but all of their PPOs that include pharmacy coverage do so after deductible. For the best rates in Rockford, either go with My Health Alliance and use their zero deductible optional prescription plan, or BCBS and pay for prescriptions at 20 percent coinsurance.

When looking for the lowest cost plan on the comprehensive level (with prescription coverage upfront as well), the winner is Coventry’s SJ PPO. For $159 per month, this is actually one of their econo-plans, but still includes unlimited office visits, and generics for a copay. Another perk is zero coinsurance on some services and copays on others after deductible.

UnitedHealthOne offers their Copay Select 80 plan for a few dollars more in Rockford, including coverage that serves its purpose but doesn’t get too exciting. It is a great plan if you want access to the nation’s largest network, despite a lack of personality, but these are health plans, after all. In this case, Aetna wants nothing to do with the competition and has raised its premiums above everyone else’s, but otherwise theirs would be a good plan.

In Rockford, it is necessary to read the fine print of every plan before you commit, as you can get very good rates on plans with slightly unconventional pharmacy benefits. If all of the other benefits suit your needs and budget, such plans are a good consideration. But, for those who want the most upfront coverage, Coventry One’s SJ PPO is likely a good choice (these plans usually price well across the board, but run your own quote to make sure).


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