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Peoria Health Insurance

Peoria, Illinois is home to a large downtown area, while surrounded by suburbia, and offers a lovely backdrop for corporate headquarters of several large businesses, hospitals, and the USDA’s main research facility. The city is garnished with beautiful parks, crafted by the largest park district in Illinois, including the Peoria Zoo, gold courses, and a total 9,000 acres of park space. Peoria is also home to a number of museums, theaters, and art galleries, accounting for an adequate amount of cultural involvement in the city. As with other areas throughout the Midwest, Peoria is a fairly affordable city for individual health insurance.

Health insurance companies serving the Peoria region include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Humana, United Healthcare, Health Alliance, IHC Group, and Coventry. As there are many plans to choose from among these carriers, please feel free to call us at 888 803 5917 for guidance on which plan will work best for you. Each company offers a PPO plan, some with an HSA option, others with copays on upfront benefits, and others that fall somewhere in between. Prices are very close between each company, which means you have to get down to the details of each plan to figure out which one is your preference.

Sample Peoria Health Insurance Quote

To narrow down the best options for affordable coverage in Peoria, a sample quote was created for a quick example of pricing for a 32-year-old male resident. Clearly, pricing will be different for residents outside of this demographic, but for a general overview of the Peoria market, we can see the plans are in a reasonable range, as well as competitive. The most affordable plan comes from regional carrier Health Alliance at a meager $90 per month for a seemingly decent plan. While you will have to get a discount card for pharmacy benefits, there are unlimited office visits to PCP and specialist doctors and a $175 copay for emergency care.

For $112 per month, Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a plan with prescription coverage (and a separate deductible), and unlimited physician care, as it should be. The SelectBlue Advantage plan receives high marks from both members and the AM Best crew, which is always a positive indicator. I am usually wary of buying any product online without reviews, and it seems not enough health insurance plans have an adequate number of reviews to make a good judgment call. However, in lieu of reviews, you can always consult one of our agents, or contact us for an honest assessment of any health plan in your area.

Coventry One also provides a great PPO plan, comprehensive and covering the most important elements to look for if you want more than a basic plan. For $114 per month this is likely to be on par with the SelectBlue plan, with a lower deductible. The remaining plans are also close in price, with UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select for $129 per month, IHC for $130, and Humana One for $141, these are all equally satisfactory plans and will serve their purpose. However, if this sample applicant is eligible for a plan from one of the latter two, it would be best to save a few dollars and go with Blue Cross.

For a custom set of rates that fit your needs and criteria, fill out a quote. You may also call us to have an agent work with you and help you through the process at 888 234 9964.