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Naperville is a large suburb of Chicago, about thirty miles west of the Windy City, which overlaps into two counties – Will and DuPage. The area serves as an educational center, home to several college campuses, and is located in the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, making the city a hub for laboratories among other corporations. Even non-student residents have access to a wealth of knowledge through the Naperville Public Library, which as ranked first in the nation for 11 consecutive years for cities of its size by Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings. The city of Naperville comes together with holiday, food and music festivals throughout the year, including the Last Fling each Labor Day weekend. As the fifth-largest city in the state, Naperville residents are provided with scenic parks and outdoor activities, such as Centennial Beach, Knoch Knolls Park, and Riverwalk.

In a balanced, educated city such as Naperville, it is fitting to find adequate medical coverage, and there are several options for those who need to purchase their own plan. Though Naperville is the only large Illinois city with one hospital, you can be sure that each major Illinois health plan is accepted at Edward Hospital, as well as the hospitals in neighboring towns. Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, Coventry, UnitedHealthcare, and Humana each offer individual coverage in the area, with rates starting in an average range (about $134 per month for a 30-year-old male) on a variety of comprehensive plans. To check premiums for your own demographic, get a free quote, or take a look at the example below to find out more about the most affordable plans in the area.


Health Insurance Quotes in Naperville, IL

Sample Naperville Health Insurance Quote

Ranked as the best plan in the state for several years, Blue Cross and Blue Shield offers the most coverage for the one of the lowest premiums in Naperville. However, UnitedHealthcare ultimately takes the cake, though their reviews aren’t quite as stunning. For a 40-year-old couple, the $2,500 SelectBlue Advantage plan covers 80 percent after deductible, and includes unlimited PCP and specialist office visits for a $30 copay at a $421 premium. This dependable option is surpassed only by UnitedHealthOne’s Copay Select for $414 per month. UnitedHealthOne offers generic drugs immediately, which BCBSIL does not, requiring members to meet the annual deductible before covering any tier of prescription.

If this couple prefers zero coinsurance after deductible, Coventry offers a plan in this range with office visit and generic medication copays, as well as 100 percent or copay coverage on major medical services once the deductible is met. They also offer an 80/20 coinsurance plan for a few more dollars, which includes a $250 emergency room visit copay, as well as chiropractic and mental health coverage for a flat fee not subject to the deductible. Though more costly than the two previous carriers and the lower cost COventry plan, this one provides the highest number of benefits in the entire group of $2,500 plans.

Aetna’s premiums are very high in comparison to other Naperville plans, but in the event that either applicant has a medical condition, their PPO may be a viable option. Their rates reflect their willingness to accept more high-risk individuals, and they still offer a great set of benefits and a high quality network. Despite the cost, if medical concerns are present or the applicant is older, Aetna may be a helpful selection.

Rates vary based on each individual, as Illinois adjust premiums for age, gender, tobacco use, and health status until January 2014. Get a personalized quote to see how these plans and others will price for you in Naperville.




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