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Aurora Health Insurance


East Coast Health Insurance offers great plans in the Aurora health insurance market from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Humana One, United Health One, and Aetna.   By far Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois offers the most value for your health insurance dollar, but to be sure we encourage you to run your own Aurora health insurance quote now.

The Aurora Health Insurance Market

The Aurora health insurance market, part of the county of Kane County, Illinois is a pretty large city, which is why we have a separate page on it in our Illinois health insurance section.  But as we are almost at the top of Google for the term “Chicago health insurance quotes,” I know that most of Illinois is on group health insurance, because we literally get almost no traffic for the individual health insurance products here.  Of course that could be a factor of the economy, but the fact is that most of Illinois get health insurance through their employer.

After running several health insurance quotes for the city of Aurora, it is fairly clear that Blue Cross offers the best coverage for the least money.  For a 34 year old male in the zip code 60504, Blue Cross has a health insurance plan under $100 with a $2500 deductible and a total out of pocket of $5,500 including the coinsurance and deductible per year.  The plan also offers office visits and prescription coverage with a copayment before the deductible.  The SelectBlue Advantage plan though has a maximum out of pocket of $3,500 and is extremely comprehensive.  That plan is only  $117 per month for the same 34 year old male.  The benefits for both are below.

Humana One of Illinois is the next most affordable plan, but it is over 30% higher in premium per month.  Otherwise the benefits are very comparable to the SelectBlue plan, but not even close to as comprehensive as the SelectBlue Advantage plan.  For a 34 year old male, the Humana One premium is $127 per month.

Aetna is my next favorite plan but at $144 per month it is not a logical choice in Aurora for a 34 year old male, however it is extremely affordable in other demographics, so don’t rule them out so quickly.  And if you are over 55, Aetna offers AARP plans in Illinois, which are truly at the top of the heap in terms of benefits, premium, and ease of acceptance (underwriting).

Finally United Health One, is $137 per month and is pretty much the same as Humana One only about $10 more per month, so unless it comes out less expensive for you and your family you can rule it out.