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Cities – Regions

This is the section of the website where we discuss specific areas and cities of a particular state and as such this is the index page for all Illinois cities health insurance plans.

Generally what we discuss here is the available health insurance plans in each Illinois city and even run a few demographic health insurance quotes to give you a starting point for shopping your own families Illinois health insurance quote.

Illinois Health Insurance Demographics

The state of Illinois is filled with extremes.  The majority of the population of Illinois is actually in one city Chicago of course.  The city of Chicago boasts a population of close to 3 million people.  The next largest city in  Illinois only has 170,000 people which is the city of Aurora.

The entire Illinois population is just about 13 million with the majority living in and around the Chicago health insurance market.  Why I am going on about this so much is that basically my Chicago health insurance page will be very detailed but I will most likely gloss over the surrounding cities in the interest of serving the bulk of Illinois residents.