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United Health One – Illinois


UnitedHealthcare Illinois Health Insurance Plans

In Illinois, the UnitedHealthcare network is as big and strong as anywhere, and the individual health insurance market is well served by United Healthcare’s many great plan designs and pricing. UnitedHealthOne is their individual and family product, which offers the same choices for Illinoisans as any other region they serve. Copay plans are our top choice, as they include several benefits before the deductible, so you can see the doctor or purchase prescriptions for a price previously determined by your plan and not a large mystery number. Other plans offer sufficient coverage, as well, and connect you to a very large network of great providers. As a PPO, you can see any providers you like, even out-of-network.


Illinois Health Insurance Plans

Copay Select: The most traditional plan from United Health One includes office visits and prescription coverage from the first day of the policy with a copay.

Copay Saver: Avoid this plan period.  It is the most absurd idea for a health insurance plan I have ever seen.  If an agent tries to sneak sell it to you, get rid of him or her.

Saver 80: An indemnity plan that only covers hospitalization. It might leave you high and dry if you need to see many doctors. For this reason, the Plan 80, which is next, is 100% the better choice even though it costs a few dollars more.

Plan 80: No office visits or prescription copays but the plan covers everything after the deductible and coinsurance at 100%: remember 100% after the coinsurance and deductible.  It is called Plan 80 because it has coinsurance.

Plan 100: Same as Plan 80 with no coinsurance.

HSA 100: Same as Plan 100 with a Health Savings Account attached.

HSA 70: Same as Plan 80 with a Health Savings Account attached and 30 percent coinsurance.

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