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Humana One offers flexible, affordable health insurance plans for individuals and families. If you’re an early retiree, recent college graduate, entrepreneur, or for some other reason, not insured through an employer, Humana One is for you. Their plans could help you lower your insurance costs – in some cases by up to 50 percent. Start by choosing from a variety of PPO and high deductible health plans, then further customize your plan with any number of “extras” – at an additional cost. Humana One plans come with exceptional customer service and the peace of mind of knowing your plan is tailored to your specific needs. Humana One is a Humana Inc. brand of products.


Humana One Plans in Illinois


Copay Plans

Between the Enhanced Copay and Copay plans from Humana One, you have access to the most comprehensive set of benefits and simplistic coverage. Choose from unlimited doctor’s office visits for a higher premium, or reduce your monthly rate with a fewer number of first dollar benefits. All Copay plans cover generic prescriptions for a copay, and brand names with a separate deductible. After your deductible is met, you pay 20 or 30 percent coinsurance for major medical care, including a full range of hospital and physician services. For those who want the most protection and low cost care as soon as possible, Copay plans are ideal.

Humana Illinois Enhanced Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Illinois Copay 80 Benefits

Humana Illinois Copay 70 Benefits

100% After Deductible Plans

Whether you need a low cost catastrophic plan to cover the unexpected, or you want to lower your premium while building a savings fund, Humana plans offer 100 percent coverage after deductible  for both options. Each of these plans gives members responsibility for out-of-pocket costs, with access to free preventive services to keep you healthy in the meantime. Prescription coverage is included in your deductible after $1,000 with Value 100 and Enhanced HSA 100 plans. HSA 100 plans do not have prescription coverage. Connecting your plan to a health savings account can give you financial control and tax advantages for your medical expenses.

Humana Illinois Value 100 Benefits

Humana Illinois Enhanced HSA 100 Benefits

Humana Illinois HSA 100 Benefits


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