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Illinois Health Insurance Companies

Amazingly, with the size of the Illinois health insurance market you would assume there would be more than four major Illinois Health Insurance companies, but there isn’t.  I am happy about that in a way as it means that I don’t have nearly as much writing to do in this state as I do in say Florida which has 8 dependable Florida health insurance companies.   And with the size of the Chicago health insurance market, this is even more surprising.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Humana One, Aetna, and United Health Care

Of course there are more than 4 health insurance providers in Illinois.  But none of the other companies meet our standards for excellence (or as close as you can expect in health insurance).  We currently offer Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Humana One, Aetna, and United Health One.    Also offering health insurance in Illinois is Freedom Health Plan which is very much guilty of the coinsurance trick, and a company called Celtic.   Celtic is headquartered in Illinois and we would very much like to offer their products in the future but currently, due to the unfair health insurance favoritism that plays out, their plans just won’t compete in price with a company like Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois who enjoys a tax favored status as well as other benefits, that you get when you are a Blue Cross Blue Shield national franchise.

So of course we have the Illinois Blue Cross plans which are by far the most preferred plan in Illinois and the plan that we recommend the most often in this state.  But of course there are three other health insurance companies in Illinois including United Health One, Aetna, and Humana One.  Of these three Aetna would be the next one on our list in terms of benefits per dollar.  But more importantly, Aetna is very reliable and trustworthy (though they have on more than one occasion forgot to pay our commissions).  Aetna has never rescinded a policy, nor have they ever denied a claim after the first year, in our experience anyways and we have written quite a bit of Aetna over the years.

United Health One and Humana One are basically pickem companies, and either one will do depending on which plan is less expensive.  I usually will recommend the Copay Select over the Humana One Portrait plan just because the prescription coverage is sightly better, but these plans are basically interchangeable and either one is more than sufficient for your needs.  Both include unlimited office visits and prescription coverage and have many choices of deductible.  Lastly, though in Humana One’s favor, their plan has $1,000 less coinsurance per year, so remember that when running an Illinois health insurance quote.