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First of all if you are here then you are no doubt a Illinois native, so thank you for visiting our health insurance site for Illinois and Chicago health insurance.  If you don’t live in Illinois and are here you can visit your particular state‘s health insurance page on our right hand links tab, or if you are researching national health insurance then you might want to go to our National health insurance section.  Finally, if you would just like a health insurance quote then of course you can enter your zip code next to the happy couple at anytime and see all the health insurance plans in Illinois, Chicago health insurance, or anywhere in your state.


Illinois Health Insurance Information

There’s no doubt about it, having reliable and affordable health insurance coverage is essential in today’s economy. After all, what would you do if a loved one became sick or injured themselves?

Without a sound Illinois health insurance policy in place, you would potentially be facing massive financial problems, or worse! For this reason, there’s no better time to contact our expert representatives at East Coast Health Insurance. We are the leading brokerage for affordable Illinois health insurance quotes, and we’ll quickly meet with you and your family to identify the ideal coverage for your specific needs and budget.

Illinois Health Insurance Companies

Here in the “Land of Lincoln” (and President Obama), freedom – especially financial — has long been the buzzword, and we fully carry out this tradition. As such, our local Illinois health insurance professionals will do their very best to determine the best policy for you and your loved ones’ specific needs.

There are a variety of elements to consider, including: plan type (HMO, PPO, POS, government and contract plans), pre-existing conditions, and marital status. And of course, as your budget is likely the biggest determining factor, we’ll assist you in choosing the policy with the most affordable monthly premiums. We carry a wide array of Illinois policies from such industry leaders as: Humana and United Health One/Golden Rule.

While we call South Florida home, East Coast Health Insurance has a permanent team of agents and representatives located in Illinois. All of our employees are experts in your state’s health insurance rules and regulations, which helps to make the entire procedure much easier and understandable.

When you contact East Coast Health Insurance, our licensed Illinois health insurance brokers can help you navigate through the different health insurance companies to find the health insurance plan that offers you the most health insurance for the least money.

If you call 888 803 5917, we are always available to address any and all of your questions and concerns.

On our website, you’ll find a very helpful tool, a personalized health insurance quote form, which provides side-by-side comparisons with other similar policies.