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Due to the fact that health insurance companies in America use underwriting to evaluate your insurability, it should come as no surprise to anyone that they will also consider your height and weight as part of their underwriting guidelines criteria.  In fact, it is one of the first things they look at and the last thing. Under the Affordable Care Act, insurers cannot use this information against you, however, and you cannot be declined for not being in a normal range.


In the past, it was a defining factor of insurability. For instance, lets say that you are very heavy or are obese, then you were disqualified and denied coverage right away, end of story.  But instead of very heavy, let’s say that you are only slightly overweight.

So, your underwriter (who is most likely working from home) is going through your MIB and Prescription History and finds that you are on a generic blood pressure pill to help keep your BP level.  Then the underwriter will go back to your height and weight chart again and this time try to figure out how much extra to charge you on your health insurance premium when examining your height and weight again.  In many companies underwriting handbooks you can find that you can be rated up nearly 50% for a height and weight issue combined with a blood pressure medication.

This example can be further pushed into the depths of insanity by supposing next that you also smoke or take 2 blood pressure medications.  In this circumstance you will find that you were actually charged up to 100% additional premium depending on the health insurance company.  That is why I posted the underwriting guidelines on this site, as well as the height/weight build charts which this page is for.

You will find that I was dumb enough to post a PDF containing nearly every company’s charts for your perusal:

Health Plan Height & Weight Charts


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