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Welcome to our overview of health insurance. In this section, we will cover hopefully nearly every question you can imagine on this evolving topic.

If you cannot find an answer here, make sure to visit our Managed Care section for information about PPO’s and HMO’s and the differences between group and individual health insurance.  We even cover the topic of self insurance for those that are looking to offer health insurance to their employees rather than pay insurance companies (be advised that you will still need to find a reinsurer though).

We also have an entire section on health insurance laws which hopefully can answer all of your claims questions should you be battling with an insurance company or feel slighted somehow by your insurance broker (that feeling is impossible with Every Choice Health Insurance, by the way).

COBRA (and HIPAA laws) in the past and present demand its own section as well, though with health reform impacting our industry, it is doubtful that program will be necessary (nor will our section on it) but for now it is still extremely important for those that have lost their job or health coverage.


Quote, Compare, Apply and Save

So what’s covered in our Health 101 section? 


Well how about everything else?  We had quite a bit of fun poking fun at some health insurance brochures and analyzing some of the double speak that you find in the small print of your policy, but more importantly, it can be very good to know the limitations of your plan.

One Man Groups are perhaps the most critical for self employed people with medical issues (but like COBRA this section will soon be extinct). We have also provided an overview of national and state high risk pools, which have come and gone now that the Affordable Care Act is in place.

We also covered health insurance underwriting quite comprehensively and actually recently were ordered to remove our underwriting guidelines from this site as they “are the property of” the insurance companies. I disagree, especially if you are applying for coverage with a carrier.

In any event, to the right is our table of contents for Health Insurance 101 section.

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