Many Agree, the House Bill that Just Passed is “NOT What the Doctor Ordered”

Many Agree, the House Bill that Just Passed is “NOT What the Doctor Ordered”

All of us at East Coast Health Insurance have asserted the same sentiment, that is, that although we advocate health care reform and feel that health care costs need to be mitigated a public option is not the solution. Rather a public option would only aggravate the current problem that is evident in our currently government sponsored programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and add yet another mediocre program.

Now Medicare and Medicaid in theory, much like communism, works great but in practice especially with the private insurance industry and pharmaceutical companies lurking around every corner it just doesn’t seem to be working as effectively or efficiently as it should be.

So instead of launching another program that will inevitably end up on a 20/20 special sparking awareness of the billions of dollars being spent on “public option” fraud, why don’t we come up with checks and balances and perhaps even implement new systems in our currently run programs, Medicare and Medicaid. These programs can and must thrive, and launching another government sponsored program is not going to get the job done – we need to look at the matter at hand and fix it instead of sweeping it under the rug for our kids to find when they need to redeem their Medicare benefits. John McCain asserted that Medicare is GOING BROKE in 7 years; and just in case you were wondering if I was quoting some random right-winged politician, it should be noted that President Obama even credited Senator McCain with advocating the same principles found in his own proposal during the election.

And now our very own Senator LeMieux has come forward with his statement regarding the newly passed House Bill and below you can check out his insight into the 1990 page bill – instead of reading the entire thing, I believe the Senator’s cliff notes found on the Senate floor and his website are more than sufficient.

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6 Responses to “Many Agree, the House Bill that Just Passed is “NOT What the Doctor Ordered””

  1. Great post, I love this blog.

  2. Health reform is now officially dead and the neediest of our fellow citizens can look forward to being denied medical care when they need it most. Great job America.

  3. Health care reform is now a bittersweet memory of what could have been, great job America.

  4. thanks for the tips. looks like they worked for you

  5. At this point all we can hope for with health reform is that Medicaid might be expanded, thanks America! It seems crazy that the voters in Massachusetts who all had health care and insurance were able to change the course of history for the rest of the country where more and more people don’t have insurance.

  6. Health care reform has come and gone, and tonight more people will go to bed uninsured and so on…


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