Hi, I’m Caroline Ehrenthal a licensed health insurance agent in South Florida and although I have mostly worked the tri-county area (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties), my focus has always lied in advocating national education awareness in the health insurance industry.  As one of the managing partners of a national online health insurance agency, East Coast Health Insurance, Inc., I do my utmost to ensure that all available resources (both in the private and public sectors) are made accessible to every United States resident. I have promoted the need for transparency with respect to government sponsored assistance programs, policy details, provider and insurance carrier relationships, claim issues, and laws in which govern this multi-billion industry.

portraitMy Job and Responsibilities

My “job” is to identify the specific needs of each individual and/or group; provide a cost and benefit analysis of all available health insurance plans and narrow it down to a concise illustration of those plans in which I find would be the most viable alternatives and would ultimately best meet their needs.

The health insurance market is dynamic and quite competitive due to the small businesses that thrive in these metropolitan areas and are not mandated to offer employer sponsored plans as is prevalent in many other states.  In addition, due to the ever increasing number of major insurance carriers entering the individual market,  there arises the subsequent need to expand product lines in order to compete and better meet individuals budget and respective needs.  This seems to have been the case with all health insurance markets, including individual, group, and medicare supplements and advantage plans.

Health Care Past, Present, and Future

The ongoing debate over health care reform has only perpetuated the need for transparency in our markets and has made my job that much more interesting since the various bills and legislation in which are derived partly from these debates directly impact the insurance industry and make it imperative that I am well informed.  I am constantly striving to enhance my knowledge base in regards to both private plans and their in depth scope of underwriting and administrative guidelines, as well as with changes in our government’s system and laws in which impact everything from individuals electing COBRA who may be eligible to receive assistance with their premium payments through ARRA, to medicare supplements and advantage plans being made available to those individuals under 65 who are on disability with End Renal Disease, and the strict guidelines CMS enforces and we must adhere to during each enrollment period.

This is not simply about shopping insurance around, I deal much of the time with individuals who have a wide range of pre-existing conditions and need help in ascertaining which insurance carrier will accept them with the least rate modification and without issuing exclusionary riders.  I also deal with those who are enrolling in a Cover Florida (guaranteed issue) policy, or the one man groups in the wonderful one month of August, and lower income individuals who need assistance in obtaining resources in hopes of being eligible for government assistance.

And the guidelines, rules, restrictions, permutations and intricacies do not stop.  If anything, the details just keep changing along with the laws that govern many facets of this industry, and with it, agents must change accordingly in order to better serve our clients and the public as a whole.  Otherwise, if we are to remain stagnant in a rapidly changing industry, we would inevitably perpetuate the flooding of yet further misinformation and hinder one’s opportunity to obtain the health insurance coverage they need.

So in short, I am adamant about providing accessibility to relevant health insurance information and resources to anyone and who needs it, and I refuse to ever become compliant with the status-quo which is often found in many areas within this industry – and that in short, is a little about me.

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