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Moving from New York To Florida

My daughter, Jane, age 29 ,and her husband John ,age 33,both in excellent health ,will be relocating to the Boca Raton area from New York City in June. Also ,they will have a three month old baby.  They are presently  insured by GHI in NYC.


Please recommend the most favorable PPO health insurance programs and respective quotes for them; i.e. Aetna?, Cigna —$1000–1500 deductible.

I went ahead and generated a rate and benefit analysis and although I’ve attached the various illustrations with the three PPO options (although Aetna is a POS). The only limitation that this plan has is they only cover generic drugs, there is no coverage for name brand drugs.  So if that is of importance to your daughter and her family then Cigna Florida Health Insurance Brochures comes in at a close second as far as the rates go and benefits.

Cigna and Aetna do not offer 0% coinsurance plan options, although I did also include below the rate for the Copay Select with United HealthOne for the 1500 deductible plan option and 0% coinsurance which would come out to a total monthly premium of $641.72.  However, please note that there is an additional cost to add some optional benefits you may want on the plan.  The plan itself has a maximum annual benefit per person for prescription coverage of $3000.  In addition, the lifetime maximum benefit is $3 million per individual.  The additional cost to eliminate the annual Rx maximum would be $43.94 and in order to increase the lifetime maximum benefit to 5 million it would be an additional $7.  Ultimately, the final rate with those two enhancements would be $692.66.  I’ve also attached the United Health One Golden Rule Health Insurance Brochure illustrating benefit details for the Copay Select on page 7.

I found that Ortho Tri-cyclen is a name brand , tier 3 with Aetna which does however have a generic form (norgestimate/ethinyl estradiul which would cost around $20-$40 without insurance or covered at the generic copay.

I also verified that Aetna, and Cigna all have accessible networks in New York.  I believe Cigna is the most competitively rated.  For instance, the Open Access 1000 with Cigna is $550.

You will find Cigna rates on page 2 of their proposal with respective benefit details illustrated on pages 5&6;  and just in case the benefit details for Aetna’s POS Open Access 1500 plan – although they are not coming in competitively rated.