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Fort Lauderdale Female 23 Health Quote

Here is a Florida health insurance case for a 23 year old female in Fort Lauderdale part of Broward county Florida.  As you can tell, and as we say so frequently in this website, in Broward County out of all of the Florida health insurance companies we represent from Aetna, Avmed, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, United, and Vista they are all available in Broward County.  Couple that with the fact that a 23 year old female is affordable with nearly every company in Broward County and you see the issue.  Which company to go with?  We can rule out Coventry as they are too expensive in Broward County in her demographic.  But nearly every other Fort Lauderdale Health Insurance Company is a viable option option for a 23 year old female.  

We generally run health insurance proposals with 2500 dollar deductibles as they are the most popular in terms of what sells the most, but some people will go as high as 5000 deductibles.  It depends on how risk averse the person is.  Of course nearly everyone should have some sort of health insurance as even a high deductible plan could save your life.  In a recent blog post on my Florida health insurance news section we highlighted that they actually linked 45,000 deaths to having no health coverage. 

Here is the Fort Lauderdale health insurance proposal for the 23 year old female that we now call Jane Doe.  Which plan would you pick?

Here is the email health insurance summation that was sent to the prospect:

  I have to thank Joe for referring you, I would be more than happy to help you with getting some health insurance information and quotes!  I apologize for not being able to get back to you sooner, I had an incredibly hectic week last week and was unable to get this proposal to you sooner.  So, attached you will find the completed health insurance proposal illustrating rates and benefit comparisons with the most competitive major insurance carriers I found in your demographic.  You’ll find that Aetna and AvMed were probably the most robust in benefits while maintaining low monthly premiums (cost).  I included Vista because although the premium is higher, you are less likely to see your deductible in the course of the year since the deductible applies solely to hospital admissions – and since everything is covered with just a copay it is many people’s favorite pick including mine.  The plan illustrated is actually the plan I have for myself, the Open Access 20 copay with a 2500 hospital deductible.  You’ll see the other comparable deductible plan options with the other carriers in the side by side rate and benefit illustration and benefit details found in the paper clips next to each plan.  You can opt to increase or decrease your deductible, and in effect lower or raise your monthly premium respectively. Let me know if you would like me to generate a proposal with another deductible option beside the 2500 that I picked since it’s right in the middle.


Please review at your convenience and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions, wish to apply, or should I be of any assistance at all!