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Aetna Vs. AARP Battle Royale in Florida

The case below is the reason we are now AARP authorized agents.  AARP offers great underwriting and pricing on their plans.  Below is a sample case which was the reason we got appointed with AARP.


I have a client who I was going to put with Aetna (but wasn’t sure as to whether he would be accepted since I know the UW became a little more stringent recently). Even though I read the UW guidelines, still not clear so he was turned off by even the chance of having a rate up…I sent a prescreening form tonight to UW.  He’s healthy but takes one cholesterol, one blood pressure and he is on his final month of taking metformin (let me emphasize what he has, that is, he is not diabetic he started taking it 3 years ago to control sugar levels).  After changing his diet – now 29 BMI – his doctor has told him that he can come off the metformin.  It seems that it was mainly used as a preventive measure – so I am told, and that the blood pressure and cholesterol are under control as well.

The PDF’s below illustrate the rates with both Aetna and AARP for a 60 year old male.

60 Year Old Male AARP Rates in Broward County, Florida

60 Year Old Male AARP VS AETNA Florida Health Insurance Premiums in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Assuming that all of this is true…I pulled up the rates and benefits with Aetna and AARP Premier plans and AARP is coming in cheaper for this 60 Male in Broward.  So, I have a couple of questions even though I know we sort went over this at one of our meetings and for that I am sorry since I should probably know the answers:

1. Is AARP less stringent in their underwriting as compared to Aetna; for instance would you know how Aetna and AARP would compare in assessing this applicant’s health risk class…A, B, C, etc. (Is it possible that I can I get a copy of their UW guidelines)?

2. Why are they coming in more competitively rated for this one prospect, is it because of a more limited network or some other reason?

So just for fun since I’m such a NERD  I went ahead and included a little illustration I threw together – pretty much Aetna POS OA 2500 and OA 5000 rates for this 60 Male, and the rates and benefits with the Premier 2500 and 5000 options with AARP.  I looked over the benefits really quickly and I was like yeah – looks pretty much exactly the same UNTIL I saw Mental Health benefits covered…last page??!

I remember discussing it briefly with the guys about whether or not to get appointed with AARP – but didn’t really consider or research it since it wasn’t our market…but please let me know your thoughts and/or findings on this. Because if AARP is more competitively rated for 50-64 year olds (tons of baby boomers) and especially when dealing with pre-existing conditions, if they are more lenient on their underwriting then yeah I would guess that it’s a no brainer to get appointed.Aetna

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