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AARP Vs. Humana Florida

I compared the Humana Autograph plan to the benefits from the AARP’s Essential Premier 5000 plan in Broward County for a 62 year old male, and I also attached to this sample case the benefit details for both plans with my respective notes providing more details as to the advantages and disadvantages I found.

Here’s a few of the differences in plan benefits I found with Humana’s plan that I wanted to point out although you’ll see it more clearly illustrated in the attachments.

  • AARP clearly indicates that the pre-existing conditions clause is waived with proof of creditable coverage within 63 days (I included the excerpt from each plan benefit brochure below)
  • Humana indicates that the pre-existing conditions clause is waived for conditions disclosed on the application and not excluded in the policy
  • The maximum out of pocket with Humana for in-network benefits is $8000 as opposed to AARP’s Premier 5000 plan’s maximum out of pocket for in-network benefits which is $7,500.00.  And what’s substantially different is Humana’s maximum out of pocket for an individual with respect to out of network benefits, you’ll find that it’s $20,000 as opposed to AARP’s Premier plan which is only $12,500.

AARP Sample Health Insurance Quote in Florida

Humana Autograph Benefit Summary

Please review this material if your are considering AARP and Humana in Broward and do not hesitate to contact us to further discuss in greater detail for your particular Florida health insurance situation

Also, if anyone reading this would like further clarification and us to provide further details pertaining to United Healthcare and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida which might also be competitive in your particular demographic.  I did go ahead and include the excerpt from the respective underwriting guides for a few companies though you would be best served by visiting my Florida Underwriting Guide which I posted against the wishes of many insurance companies.

In many cases East Coast Health Insurance advises our clients to try to apply for as many Florida health companies as possible if there are any conditions present, as their final rate might differ from the underwriting guide which might indicate that there may be a rider issued for the high blood pressure for example.

Although I feel that AARP is coming in the most competitive in both underwriting and overall benefits while maintaining a relatively competitive premium, please do let me know if you would like to further discuss or should I be of any assistance whatsoever!


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