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Sample Health Insurance Cases

At East Coast Health Insurance we run into some pretty unusual cases but most of the time our clients will come in with very similar situations and a very typical scenario is a 55 year old male with high blood pressure.  So what I am going to do in this section is use some of these cases as examples.

In the case of high blood pressure for instance most health insurance will give a 25% rate up depending on the medication.  Certain health insurance companies like Vista will even go up to 50% on high blood pressure, which is why we are very particular on being sure that you get the best health insurance for the best price. Many times what we will do is apply you with several health insurance companies at the same time so that we get the best plan for you.  Many times even though you can look at underwriting guidelines and see the rate up for a particular condition this is no guarantee that the rate increase is as straight-forward as 25% for instance as the guideline might show.

Other situations are sample heath insurance cases for a male in Orlando looking at 5 health insurance companies and is unsure of the best one for him.  Or perhaps a maternity case.  We will examine these types of cases in this section and we welcome you to email your cases to us as examples in order to get you a custom instant health insurance quote.

We are also going to cite sample health insurance cases that we encounter in order that people shopping for Florida health insurance might be able to see sample health insurance quotes for various products including Aetna, Avmed, Cigna, Coventry, Humana, United, and Vista Health Plan.

For instance I have just completed my first case study where a 60 year old male who called in for Florida health insurance quotes was referred to us by AARP and being that Aetna is underwriting AARP’s Florida health insurance plan we wanted to see which product was better.  Better meaning which health insurance plan offered more benefits for less money.  To see which company came out on top for his particular situation please visit the page called Aetna VS. AARP:  Cage Match in Florida Health Insurance.

The other reason we do this is because just like in the above case, there is usually medical underwriting factors to be considered when shopping Florida’s health insurance and this section of our website will be used for documenting the rate ups for various medical conditions.  In the case above, the man was very healthy for 60 years old and was taking a cholesterol and blood pressure medication.  The Florida health insurance companies usually  frown on any medications even in his situation, where the medication was a preventative care type of thing as neither his blood pressure or cholesterol numbers were that high.  Still the case ended up with a rate-up.

If you have any cases that you would like to receive our assistance for either a unique medical situation or for a straight forward health quote you can visit our Florida health insurance quote section or email us.

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