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Risk Pools and Florida Health Insurance

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According to a 2011 Census Bureau report, 15.7 percent of all Americans are uninsured, I personally think its way higher.  Think about the unemployment numbers for instance, they don’t report people that stop looking for work and I believe the 50 million which is the current figure and if set up as fraction would be 50/300 which is 20%. So many states in the old gun-slinging days of western style health insurance sales would set up these State-sponsored risk pools which were for only a small slice of these poor uninsurable uninsureds.  Yes, I said that the risk pools were set up for the uninsurable uninsureds!  This means that if you want and can afford insurance in Florida, but are denied for individual health coverage and can’t get group coverage then you would be considered for the risk pool.

As the health care law eliminated discrimination against sick people in underwriting, there are currently more options for coverage than when this was first written. Unless you are unable to afford the going rate for a private health plan or the exchange, and don’t qualify for Medicaid (which is a substantial population in Florida) you will be able to enroll. No insurer can turn you down for being sick, which is especially helpful as no risk pool has been open in Florida for years. The Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan offered a temporary solution, but it closed enrollment in early 2013. In effect, if you’re poor enough for Medicaid or earn enough for individual coverage (including subsidized plans on the health insurance marketplace) you’ll be able to get covered.

Florida Alternatives to Underwritten Health Insurance

The current or most recent data shows that of the people in the US, 60% of them received medical coverage through their jobs, which means that after the recession and the high turnover in employment this number is now probably 50%, which means in turn that the 30% or so that were on Government aid coverage whether Medicaid, military, is now brimming at probably 40%.  Indeed, ECHealthInsurance has set up multiple ways of getting people free coverage.  If  you don’t have coverage and you are actually reading my words on this page, well first of all – thank you, because sometimes I wonder why I bother, my own wife doesn’t even read this and she is a partner in the company!  Secondly, you should read our post about all the Florida Medicaid resources including the county health plans, and the free clinics, etc., as I have amassed all of this information in one place for free here. So, please visit our Florida public government health program section so I don’t feel like I’m writing for imaginary fairies.  And do not buy any discount plans, or anything by Health Markets, as this is like paying a shoplifter to help you clean your retail store by himself.

Other Florida Health Insurance Plans

When these risk pools were originally set up in Florida they were set up for the uninsurable.  Now, however, the state has frozen the programs, perhaps forever leaving it intact – but not taking anyone new.  Most of you can imagine the people that would be on this plan, but if not, let’s equate it with insuring a burning house.  Now, of course, to give you the end of the story we can’t do these risk pools but we do have Cover Florida (a terrible idea), The New Miami Dade Blue Health Insurance plan, the one man groups in August, and of course the county health plans.

The state of Florida was providing the insurance on these risk pools of uninsurable people and as you can guess Florida ended up losing a bit of money.  There are like 30 states still doing risk pools but the total insured is less then 200,000.  Vista in South Florida has more insured in South Florida!

Risk pools were set up as temporary benefit plans that were very expensive but of course once people were covered they tended to stay on the books.  This article in fact, is totally irrelevant as these plans are not expected to come back, so if you are anticipating this alternative your best bet would be to call ECHealthInsurance.com, or just research your little project on this here website and our Florida health insurance news section as we have everything you could ever want to know about Florida Health Insurance and Florida Health Insurance Quotes in one place.

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