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Florida Networks of Providers

Here I go again, this time I am publishing the links for the health insurance providers including the doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies, and so forth in the Florida health industry.  You can use these links to save time on your hunt for a physician.  What does this mean?

Many times when shopping for health insurance it is not uncommon for us to hear someone ask if a particular doctor is on the network before they switch to the plan.  Or they will not even consider a plan until we eliminate the options that their physician doesn’t accept.  So by putting these links up it is easy to find your participating health insurance provider to make your life easier when switching health insurance companies.

The New Florida Health Providers

What Are The Network Restrictions for Travel?

Another question I am constantly asked is which health insurance plans use national networks for people that travel extensively or have two homes, in Florida health insurance the answer is of course, Cigna, Humana (just changed), United, and Aetna (depending on your location).

It is important to first understand however that all health insurance plan types besides HMO’s cover out of network physicians but they usually have a large deductible which is separate and apart from the other deductible which is of course the main deductible, for any out of network services.  A good way to think of it is that this option is for severe situations as you will hopefully never meet the out network deductible as you will always want to stay inside of your health insurance companies network whenever possible.


Aetna Doc Find


UHC Doc Find