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Florida Health Insurance Reviews

Here it is our new annual health insurance review page.  We are going to bring you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me god, about our experiences – and yours as well, with all of the nine Florida health insurance companies.  Please click on the individual companies for more information about our review.  Please email us if you have had a different experience, as your vote definitely does count!

Right now, we are basing the bulk of our grading on the pricing as most of the companies pretty much have the same benefits though certain ones are better then others but not significantly, because most Florida health insurance companies as long as you go with a solid, well known company are well-oiled machines.

Cigna B- Overall

I am reviewing Cigna first, as they are the new guy on the block (and also I didn’t have any other ECHealthInsurance.com content about them, so I just went with them first) as we are still unraveling our experiences from the first half of the year with them and their underwriting which is very difficult to be approved with.  On the other hand their health plans are by far and away the most affordable Florida Health Insurance plans that we have this year.

AvMed A Overall

I personally love this company!  Even though they are small and based mostly in South Florida (that’s is why no A+) they are non profit and have significant benefits and excellent pricing.  They are unbelievably fast underwriters and are very easy to deal with for most customer service issues.  I could not be more happy with this plan!  I even love that they only pay brokers a pittance!  Compared with other Florida health insurance companies they pay very low commissions which I am happy to take if their pricing is to stay competitive.  I will write them over Cigna any day unless the network size is important to the client.

Vista Health Plan B+

The greatest company in Florida and yes its an HMO!  I bought this individual plan for my wife (who I do love and would never risk her health with a lousy carrier) and am certainly happy I did, even though they perhaps the worst pricing in Florida for younger females.  We pay at least 45% more in premiums then we would with other health insurance companies.  This is the only reason (okay, besides their lousy customer service) they didn’t get an A+.  But no company in Florida health insurance industry or anywhere else is probably ever going to get an A+.  These guys plan covers everything with the deductible really being a non-factor as it only applies to major hospitalization.

United Health One C-

Ok firstly, I have this plan as it the best prescription coverage in Florida in my experience.  They also have the best customer service in Florida.  Where they fall flat?  Pricing is a major concern as they never come in on top anymore for any demographic.  In fact I usually only write them as a backup.  In addition I don’t like to work with them because they immediately take the initial premium from the clients account before they are approved which is silly and stupid.  They pay astronomically high agent commissions which is responsible for their poor pricing and they rescind policies more then any other Florida health insurance company that I have ever worked with.  They are also an association based health plan, which with UnitedHealthcare backing them is just plain mean.  I am not going to get into detail here, but this usually goes hand in hand with a discount plan. Lastly (and yes they should probably get a D) they have a unique exclusion for reproductive organs for the first 6 months of the policy.  This means the only people that should buy this policy have already had a hysterectomy.

Humana One C-

Humana one snooze!  They are certainly very boring this year as they excel in nothing anymore that Cigna has made their pricing irrelevant and there is no differentiating them from the other Florida health companies.  They have great customer service and excellent pricing but they don’t excel in any category anymore and we have a big problem selling them over other carriers in a recession.  However, if you have current medical conditions I will always advise people if they have to buy individual to apply with as many companies as possible and Humana is experienced in underwriting and very quick to make good decisions and rarely have to rescind policies.

Coventry B-

I would love to give them a higher grade as they are so darn lovable.  But of course, their plans are only affordable in a few areas, and when they are competitive I would frankly recommend them over any other PPO.  They are going to be a big player eventually in this market and they are a reliable and strong carrier much like Cigna or AvMed and have a strong national presence and infrastructure.

Aetna B+

Their benefits are better then everyone else’s, their customer service excels and they get no special treatment from anyone.  The only downfall was that unforunate 20% rate increase this year due to a mistake in underwriting which meant they took on too many high risk cases that should probably have gone to Medicaid or a group plan.  Until these people drop off Aetna will be stuck here.  Though they have engineered some new plans we are most likely to recommend them in Northern Florida and South Miami.

Assurant D-

Assurant health care or whatever name they go by are one of the worst companies period for health insurance.  This is not because they are evil or con artists, but rather because they are playing on an un-level playing field where the barriers to entrance are far too great to play.  This is why Coventry bought Vista to come into Florida instead of just opening up shop.  Assurant is actually on paper ok , until you realize that the same policy with any of the carriers above is way cheaper, even the most expensive Aetna policy in Palm Beach is still going to be better because of simple economics.  If someone quotes you a competitive rate with Assurant please read the policy closely as it is most likely loaded with coinsurance and has maximum exposure.

Health Markets i.e. Mega, Midwest National, or United American

These guys should be in jail.  If you currently have this policy please don’t just cancel it but try to report them to the Florida insurance commissioner as they are con artists.


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