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Florida Short Term Health Insuance

Florida Short-Term Major Medical Health Insurance Policies
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We are in the midst of a major recession! And, the good news is that at least we have our nation’s fine health care system to fall back on when we lose our jobs to those pesky Canadian companies that come in and steal our Florida jobs.

That of course is a joke, and not a good one, as we have no fall back policy currently for the nation’s unemployed many of whom can’t afford COBRA or anything else and guess what? Short term health insurance policies usually won’t help them either! The best thing for these people to do is go back to work or emigrate to Canada. Of course that is the obvious answer and millions of people, Floridians specifically don’t even have jobs to apply for if they are from the construction sector. So, what options do you have if you lost your benefits or can’t afford them?

Well first of all, you are reading the wrong article as I already told you guys to visit my page, The Florida Health Coverage Resource Guide, to help people get social and government assistance. But there are people out there who do qualify for short term coverage and it is only a few of you. At ECHealthInsurance.com, we never sell short term policies as they don’t cover preexisting conditions nor are they renewable if you end up with a chronic condition, thus the only situation where you can buy a short term policy is in between definite policies starting and ending. We usually recommend a normal policy even if it is only for a few months or even 2-3 months as they are far more comprehensive without so many restrictions.

If you lost your job and already got a new one or if you are switching from one company to another and you are already approved with the new one. Otherwise, you need to stick to the government cheese plans.

Here are some figures I found in articles that might shed some light on the uninsured in the United States. But of course none of these people should consider the short term plans except the healthy ones already approved or about to be approved. Again, there is never a reason to buy a short term policy.

  • 22 million part-time employees
  • 5 million recently graduated students no longer covered by their parents’ policies
  • 900,000 Americans who have lost coverage following a divorce
  • 300,000 recently discharge members of the military
  • 8.7 million Americans between jobs (and who may be trying to avoid more expensive COBRA coverage)
  • 5 million early retirees

In Florida, there are only two health insurance companies that offer decent plans and they are the United Health One plan from Golden Rule (actually its more confusing then that, as Golden Rule shouldn’t even exist anymore as they were bought by United years ago, but the pesky name keeps hanging around) and then the Blue Cross short term policies which are usually the better option if you have to go down this route.

Florida Short Term Health Insurance Policy Positives


Usually, these health insurance policies can kick in the next day as the underwriting is fiercely quick, but don’t try to put one over on the companies as they can weasel out of claims so easily that it never makes sense to take these policies if you any conditions at all. Other than that, there are no other positives so this is a really quick entry.

So, if you’re healthy and in need of temporary coverage until new coverage kicks in, a short-term major medical plan may be right for you.

Short Term Policies are Nature’s Way of Weeding Out Silly People

Short term health insurance policies in Florida never cover office visits and they often have a deductible per occurrence, so if you break you leg and rupture a vital organ in the same month most likely you will end up paying two deductibles, but that will teach you to run when being chased in sharp knife factory.

I once saw a 60 Minutes piece about a guy that kept buying short term policies one after the other to save money with Assurant, who being the great American company that they are, kept selling them to him. Cut to the end of the piece, guy crying for 5 minutes about how the health insurance company let him down. I tell this story for two reasons, one so you never buy Assurant and two so you don’t buy short term.