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Medicare supplements are really quite simple and they are homogenous, which means every company no matter how bad their ratings are is the same. They have the same network and the same benefits.

This probably the best health insurance in the world except for our elected officials who have it just a bit better and that is because they have drug coverage completely covered whereas Florida only has the George W. Bush Medicare Drug plan, which is a haphazard set of rules that somehow made pharmaceutical companies even richer and seniors even poorer.

Here how a Florida Medicare Supplement works, basically Medicare Part A and Part B, one covers office visits and such and the other hospitalization cover 80% of your medical bills wherever and whenever they occur. What a Medicare supplement would do is pay the other 20%.

The best part of these plans is that their networks include anyone that is a physician as you can go to any doctor anywhere. The downside of course is that they are expensive ranging from three to six hundred a month depending on your demographics. And if you add that to your Medicare premium that comes out of your social security you realize that you are paying and that the old homage stays true that there is no free lunch. And remember at least you have Medicare it is doubtful the current plan will be around when I retire, and moreover, there are so many millions of people under 65 that have no insurance because of the premiums and lack of insurability.


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A collection of 12 different plans — identified by the letters A through L — give Medigap policy holders varying combinations of benefits. The plans cover expenses ranging from copayments, coinsurance and deductibles, to foreign travel emergency expenses, at-home recovery and preventive care.

The only things that the policy doesn’t cover is what you would expect obviously the medication, the long term care items including home health care and nursing, dental and vision etc.

There is prescription drug coverage available though through Medicare Part D which can be better then nothing for some people. Although, if you can ask your doctor for generics you will save yourself an enormous amount of time and money.

As long as you are eligible for Medicare and have part a and b we can enroll in you a Medicare supplement in Florida. And at East Coast Health Insurance we basically pick the cheapest plan as they all have the same benefits and network in Florida.

Of course, if you have the money then it would be a no brainer as you should of course get the supplement and never worry about anything again, but for most Florida retirees struggling through retirement now might be a good time to switch to an HMO as it seems more likely then not that Obama will have to clean Medicare’s clock which is bloated and full of waste and corruption as any good government program tends to be. We all hope that some reform comes to health care as our current system is in danger of bankrupting the country.